Christian Louboutin Conjoins the Shoe and Champagne Worlds

Christian Louboutin recently collaborated with champagne maker Piper Heidsieck to create what could turn out to be a woman’s new best friend—Le Rituel. The recent and deluxe liaison brings shoe- and champagne-loving individuals a spectacular crystal flute in the shape of a stiletto accompanied by a bottle of champagne in a box that sells for $500.

“The most fun part for me was to really design the shoe, dedicated not to be worn once, but dedicated to something else, which you would drink out of,” said Louboutin. His love of unusual objects is well-documented and he adds, “I am traveling pretty much nonstop, and I always buy objects, which is a bit of an addiction.” The international fashion label certainly doesn’t have much to worry about in regards to his object obsession denting his constantly expanding bank account. The powerhouse not only joined forces with Heidsieck for the Le Rituel collaboration, but he also teamed up with Mattel to celebrate Barbie’s 50th anniversary by making miniature bubblegum-pink pumps.

Recession aside, Louboutin does not view his expensive bottles of champagne and crystal drinking shoes as decadent. “To me,” he says, “the word ‘decadent’ is so difficult to use; it’s a very sensitive work, in a way. For some people, this is decadent; for others, this is just big fun.”

Via: Vanity Fair