Nicolas Cage Sells Bel-Air Home to Pay IRS

Actor Nicolas Cage is reportedly getting creative with his methods to pay the IRS the reportedly owed $6,257,005. The Hollywood actor has allegedly sold his Bel-Air Tudor home which once belonged to additional mega-stars such as Tom Jones and Dean Martin. Originally listed in 2006 for a steep $35 million, the latest news on the estate is that it was entered in a sealed bid auction scheduled for late September with the minimum opening offer set at $9.95 million.

There seems to be good news for Mr. Cage, however; apparently the home is now listed as “looking for backup,” which means that an offer has been made and now all Mr. Cage has to worry about is that that offer sticks.

In 1998 Mr. Cage paid approximately $6.5 million for the Bel-Air home, and is adding it to his list of recently sold homes which includes his former New York City apartment which had been listed at $9.75 million.

Via: Luxist