Jenna Bush Makes Today about Princess Gisselle

Former President Bush’s daughter Jenna Bush was recently hired as a reporter for NBC’s morning show, Today.  During her second week on the job, she was sent to Miami for a heart-wrenching story.  Her mission was to interview and narrate the plight of a six-year-old girl, Gisselle Gonzalez, who fighting brain-cancer and whom doctors can no longer help.

Jenna reported from Belle Glade Elementary School where it was deemed, “Princess Giselle’s Day.”  Although Jenna is remembered as the cute, less-trouble-causing Bush twin (compared to sister Barbara) she wasn’t immediately recognized during her assignment.  The 27-year-old came dressed in shapeless “mom” jeans, a purple top, and black Chuck Taylors.  Like Jenna said, though, “It’s not about me, it’s all about Gisselle today.”

The guest of honor wore a princess outfit, and considering it was “Princess Gisselle’s Day,” that was only appropriate.  She and her parents arrived at the school in a limo and upon entering the cafeteria, which was decorated like a castle, 500 children and teachers were there to greet them.  The day was filled with dancing, food, and performances by marching bands and cheerleaders.  Each guest at the event paid $5, and the funds went to Gisselle’s family.

The night before the big day, Jenna Bush interviewed the family from their home in a Miami trailer park.  Gisselle’s illness has taken a big toll on the parents and although anyone would get emotional covering this little girl’s story, sources say Bush held it together very well.  People who attended the event were pleased Jenna Bush was there.  “We’re so excited having her that we could just burst our buttons,” exclaimed Carol Schmidt, a Belle Glade Elementary music teacher.  “The more exposure we get, the greater the benefit for Gisselle and her family.”
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