The Real NBA Wives of Miami

Miami is anything but a copycat city so instead of latching onto a Real Housewives series, Miami has another game plan.   A new reality show based on the wives of NBA players is in the talks, and former Miami Heat wife Shaunie O’Neal might be the woman behind it.

Shaquille O’Neal and his wife Shaunie sold their luxurious Star Island home this past July, but might be moving back sooner than expected. Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin practically stole the mansion, when the home that was originally listed at $35 million was purchased for a mere $16 million.

Mrs. O’Neal was at NYC Fashion Week where she was seen speaking to TV executives a majority of the time.  She is likely to cast several of her friends in the series, but being all too familiar with tabloid press herself, she plans on working behind the scenes for this show. While no names have been discussed on which wives the show will highlight, Lane Mitnick joked, “They can save costs and cast Gabrielle Union for about seven of the players.”

During her time at NYC Fashion Week O’Neal was spotted with Serena Williams at M2 Ultralounge and at Touch for Ra’mon Lawrence’s fashion show.

Via Scene in the Tropics