Flying Private Once Again

While many may feel a bit apprehensive about breathing a sigh of relief just yet, signs that brighter days are on the way seem to be popping up around every corner. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s announcement last week that the recession was “likely over” was one of the first and foremost indicators that economic recovery is part of our near future. Other signs include recently published “how-to” articles detailing the ins and outs of flying and buying private planes. While such notions would have earned death stares and verbal floggings from the American public earlier this year, with the economy starting its slow progression back, now is considered one of the best times to buy by the private aviation industry. The financial magazine Barron’s indicated that the cost of buying a private plane is reduced by as much as 25 to 50 percent, making the mode of luxury transportation “relatively cheap.”

An article published just last week in The Business Insider titled “How To Buy Your Own Private Jet” recommends using an aircraft management company and/or a buying consultant for your purchase because of the intricate details that can accompany such a deal. Even revered business moguls and notorious deal closers should consider outside advice when brokering such a purchase. Later posts on the web article detail more useful statistics in defending “Why Companies Utilize Business Aviation,” a topic covered in depth in Haute Living’s article, “Business as Usual.”

Via CityFile