Ferraris and Faberges Damaged in Hollywood House Fire

Mention the word fire anywhere on California’s west coast and the utterance can certainly send shivers up the spines of many who have suffered from the annual flames that plague the state. A recent fire breaking out at a Hollywood Hills home on North Sunset Plaza Drive surely had lovers of luxury automobiles holding their breaths in much the same manner.

The house fire was first called in to the Los Angeles Fire Department around 6:30 in the morning with firefighters reportedly showing up less than eight minutes later. Their valiant efforts were not enough though, to save the homeowner’s collection of luxury brand items, including artworks commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte, a Faberge egg, Stradivarius violin, and a multimillion-dollar Ferrari collection. Firefighters called a knockdown at 7:10 a.m., successfully preventing the inferno from engulfing other estates in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood.

While arson was not originally ruled out as a cause of the Los Angeles house fire, homeowner Brian Witzer, a lawyer, believes that an electrical problem in his 600-gallon aquarium could have been the culprit for the blaze, which he estimates caused at least $13 million in damage. Firefighters attending to the crisis approximated $1 million in damages to the house alone. Witzer told local news sources that his California home has a market value of $7 million.

Via LAist