Charlie Palmer’s Restaurant Returns to New York

Though many are still in mourning over the news that the New York City legendary restaurant, Tavern on the Green, will certainly be closing its doors after filing for bankruptcy protection, New Yorkers can find a new reason for culinary celebration with the reopening of Charlie Palmer’s Aureole restaurant.

The new location for the Manhattan restaurant opened at One Bryant Park on West 42nd Street, near Times Square. The venue is not be the only thing new about Palmer’s Aureole. The style of the menu has also been revamped to complement the economic times in 2009. While the original restaurant on 61st Street was small and elegant, catering to a clientele known for deep pockets, the new Aureole offers a space for casual diners, along with an 18-seat bar. The casual dining option has become quite popular this year with fine dining establishments, including David Bouley’s restaurants and Sirio Maccioni’s Le Cirque offering similar lower-priced options to compensate for the contraction in spending this year.

Bloomberg reported that throughout the soft opening of the New York restaurant young professionals from HBO and Conde Nast frequented the eatery. Serious culinary critics need not fear though, as the new location will also offer a 54-seat formal dining room for patrons looking to spend more time and money during their gastronomic evening affairs. Complementing the foodies’ palates is the 16,000-bottle wine collection, located on site. “For years, we had wine all over the city because of the storage issue,” Palmer told Bloomberg. “We now have storage for over 16,000 bottles on the premises–a luxury nobody has. We’ll continue to build the list from there.” As is standard with the Charlie Palmer brands, diners can select their wine of choice before even stepping foot inside the new doors by booking their wine choice at prior to arrival.

Via Luxist