Another Victory for Camacho

The well-loved and established cigar brand, Camacho, has announced that it will be the official cigar catering HBO’s Luxury Lounge event during the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards. The Camacho-filled lounge will open on September 18  and run through the 20 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

“Camacho Cigars is proud to be a part of the HBO Luxury Lounge,” says Dylan Austin, marketing director of Camacho Cigars. “We are excited to be aligning Camacho Cigars with HBO, the premiere name in cable television, to honor the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards.”

As detailed in the June/July issue of Haute Living, Camacho has built a reputable name and a dedicated fan base, due to its deep and authentic family roots in the business. The Eiroa family is the brains behind its success thus far. The family has been involved in the art and tradition of cigar making since the early 1900s in Cuba. In fact, Christian Eiroa, the current head of the business and third generation tobacco man, along with his grandfather, Generosa Eiroa, grew tobacco for the Cuban Tobacco Company.

Dedication, raw talent, and hard work have put Camacho at the very top in an increasingly competitive business. In June 2009, the Eiroas launched the world’s first authentic Corojo cigar manufactured outside of Cuba, simply called, the Camacho Corojo. This single product initiated a new trend in full-bodied, exceedingly flavorful cigars with hardly any hints of an aftertaste. This, along with the strength, which is what the brand is now most known for, sets Camacho apart from its competitors. The strength of the cigars is often the deciding factor when selling the brand to potential customers and cigar connoisseurs.

If you’re smoking cigars, you may as well smoke the best. All attendees at HBO’s Luxury Lounge will have an opportunity to do this very thing in celebration of the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards. Congratulations Camacho!

Via Luxist