Passion Meets Profit: Bourbon Investment Offers A Compelling New Asset Class

Led by Jeremy Kasler, CaskX allows investors to capitalize on assets they’re passionate about, rather than simply investing for profit.

Photo Credit: CaskX

CaskX is a whiskey investment brokerage that helps investors worldwide build profitable portfolios of whiskey casks. The CaskX platform allows investors to capitalize on their passion while taking advantage of the chance to profit through an enriching and satisfying experience.

CaskX was founded in 2019 by Jeremy Kasler. The company’s CEO has over 20 years of experience in specialty finance, alternative asset investment, and corporate strategy. Kasler believed the goal in bridging the gap between distilleries and investors was to bring the financial benefits of whiskey investment to the global stage while helping distilleries withstand the cash flow pressures inherent with whiskey production.

The increasing global demand for scotch and bourbon makes them particularly interesting investments. Whiskey appreciates with time. CaskX has seen positive trajectories for investments spanning 10 or more years for bourbon and scotch.

Photo Credit: CaskX

CaskX typically recommends investors to leave their whiskey in its cask for five to 12 years to maximize returns. The longer the whiskey ages, the more complex and intense its taste becomes. Older whiskies are valued higher.

That said, investors are not obliged to keep their whiskey in casks for the recommended period. CaskX stores investments at secure facilities protected by legal provisions within their respective locations. In the United States casks are stored at federally licensed distilleries. In Scotland, they’re stored in warehouses under the protection of a government body called the HMRC.

Photo Credit: CaskX

CaskX partners with premier distilleries in the U.S., Scotland and the United Kingdom. Jackson Purchase, Corsair Distillery, Burn O’Bennie Distillery, and Kimbland Distillery are a few of the esteemed distilleries who work with CaskX. Investors are offered exclusive VIP tours to witness the process and taste whiskey.

For more information about investment opportunities through CaskX, head to their website.