We Tell You Why One Knight Stand Is The Best Kept Secret In Skincare

We´ve seen them on the big screen or gracing the covers of international fashion magazines. Men who seem to project an aura of confidence that is larger than life.

The magnetic, almost unexplainable attraction they generate is often a quality that is sought after by every guy, but sadly most guys never find the winning formula. It is no secret that proper grooming, a well-rounded fitness regimen, and healthy eating are all pieces of the puzzle but when it comes to gaining a definite edge there are some pro tips that you simply need to know in order to take your game to the next level.

We have conducted extensive research and interviewed countless people to discover what that “x-factor” might be, and unbeknownst to many, the key lies in the attention to detail that these seemingly superhuman men pay to their skin.

There´s something special about healthy, radiant skin; Something that immediately projects vitality and attractiveness. But the question remains, how can a regular guy like you or me achieve this Hollywood-like complexion without breaking the bank or spending countless hours at spas getting all sorts of complicated and overpriced treatments.

The answer is simple: by finding the products that were created to cater specifically to us.

One Knight Stand has gained a reputation for being a “one-stop-shop” for superior skincare thanks to its simple, yet undeniably effective 3-step skincare collection which provides your skin with all the necessary elements to go from below average to picture-perfect with minimum effort.

Their marquee box set includes the OKS Gel Cleanser, the Vitamin C Repair Serum, and the signature Hydrating Moisturizer.

We recently interviewed the brand´s founders and they shared with us a behind-the-scenes look at what has become America´s favorite new skincare solution:

How did One Knight Stand come to life? Can you share with our readers the story behind this bold and unique brand?

The beginning of OKS was just a dream for my best friend and me. We worked hours on the concept of products and brand names trying to find the perfect fit. Unfortunately, not too long in the process my best friend passed away but left us with the name One Knight Stand skincare. So, this is not a typical brand. It is so much more. One Knight Stand has now become a legacy we can create to honor him and the great time we had together creating this incredible brand.  

In a competitive market, your products have managed to stand out. How were you able to identify the key components that have helped you capture the preference of your customers?

Our imagery, product, and name are so unique in this crowded skincare space. Most men have little education about the skincare world so we needed a catchy name and bold packaging that would make us stand out when consumers are looking for a new skincare routine.

We know your signature 3-step skincare collection provides all the benefits that even the most discerning consumer can expect, why do these three products complement each other so well?

The products work so well because they are clear and precise. We decided to use citrus essential oil for the scent because we wanted all products to have the same scent and not have an overpowering smell. Our Step 1 Gel Cleanser is meant to be used in the shower so you can easily wash your face without the hassle of getting water all over your countertops. You layer on the Step 2 Vitamin C Serum once you are out of the shower because it creates a great base of hydration (includes squalene, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid) and helps reduce inflammation and puffiness, allowing it to help tighten and brighten the appearance of your skin (caffeine).  The final step is our Hydrating Moisturizer. This product gives your skin a healthy glow and locks in all the key ingredients we use while giving an extra level of moisturization that allows your skin to feel great throughout the day.

Written in partnership with One Knight Stand