Kendra Cooksey Shares Her Journey into Establishing Kendra’s Boutique

Kendra Cooksey is a successful businesswoman who has built a hair empire. With more than 1.1 million Instagram followers, she is also one of the top influencers in her field. Coskey founded Kendra’s Boutique at age 20 and has since served as its president, stewarding it to success. She founded the company to improve people’s self-esteem, particularly those with hair issues including alopecia, cancer, hair loss, heart damage, etc. She feels delighted since these hair extensions and wigs may provide them with the self-assurance they require while undergoing treatments without compromising their self-image.

Kendra’s Boutique has achieved several noteworthy milestones during the past ten years, including being mentioned in several publications. Celebrities like Black Chyna helped the business expand to greater prominence after Kendra Cooksey began working with them in 2013. During this time, her Instagram following began to increase, and in 2019 she reached the one million follower milestone. These include, among other people, a list of famous people and influencers.

It was a small business at first, but the growth was so rapid that Kendra’s boutique management had to quickly engage additional help to be able to complete the orders in time. The brand has strictly been an online hair company, and despite pressure, it was able to uphold its values. In addition to streamlining their workflow, this has allowed them to regulate the product quality for Kendra Boutique better. At the moment, they employ around 25 people to handle and distribute orders from their distribution warehouse center.

Kendra’s Boutique encountered distinct difficulties that many other brands may wish to have. Meeting the rapidly rising market demand was their major challenge. “The product is constantly in demand, therefore we continuously have to stay innovative and on top of that.” “The company claims to be able to produce the goods efficiently and correctly to the consumers in a rapid turnaround time fame,” the company claims.

Coskey advises fellow business owners to follow their hearts with a clear attitude; no matter what their passions are, there will be room for them. Never be concerned with the number of people doing anything; instead, concentrate your attention on what you are doing. Be sure to always experience your thoughts with optimism, empowerment, and an upbeat attitude rather than letting thoughts of negativity, doubt, or uncertainty dominate your mind. Having the appropriate mindset will always be your first order of business because if you look after the input, the output will take care of itself. The first step is to believe in yourself.

Coskey is now working to develop and broaden the brand to entirely new levels over the next few years. They see the company becoming much more successful and providing superior goods and services. Based on the present forecast of a 30 to 50 percent increase in sales, there are already tell-tale indicators of brighter times ahead.

She wants Kendra’s Boutique to be a premier, reputable, and trusted retailer for everyone worldwide. To innovate and create additional high-quality products and hair equipment that will improve the industry is a part of the dream.

Written in partnership with Ascend