Why The Cirque-Esque REVIVE Is The Coolest Current Dining Experience In LA

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The hottest ticket in town at the moment is REVIVE, a soaring 20’s, circus-infused immersive dinner experience at historic Vibiana in downtown LA. The event is produced by Vau de Vire Society and Chef Neal Fraser, restaurateur Amy Knoll Fraser and the Redbird | Vibiana team, and runs for six weeks this summer through July 24. There are two shows per night — 6:45pm and 8:45pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays — and 5pm on Sundays. Guests will be immersed in a marvelous spectacle of human feats performed above, behind and in front of them, with tables as stages. Additionally, the venue showcases cutting edge projection mapping visuals highlight 40+ circus and musical artists plus an original score by Angelo Moore (of Fishbone fame). Chef Fraser’s bold flavors will complement the theatrics with hors d’oeuvres and a complimentary cocktail by Redbird | Vibiana Bar Director Tobin Shea in the Courtyard, followed by a 4-course dinner in the grand Main Hall. Here, Fraser fills us in on the concept, how it came to be, and what guests can truly expect.

Neal Fraser

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Redbird is one of LA’s top restaurants. How did the concept of partnering with Vau du Vire Society to create the Revive immersive dining experience come about?

My partner Amy and I are always thinking of new ways to activate Redbird and Vibiana. We feel that dinner theater, where you get excellent food, service and a show, is a missing spot in dining today. Vau de Vire has the entertainment aspect down, so we thought there would be great synergy between us.

We’ve heard about the Roaring 20s, but can you tell us about the Soaring 20s and its connection to Revive?

We are soaring out of Covid lockdowns and isolation into reviving all the senses that have been so tamped down. We hope REVIVE brings all the senses back bigger and better than they have ever been…this is a celebration of life and community.


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Is there anyone else other than yourself involved in the creation and production of the menu for the Revive show, and if so what role did they play?

All menus are written by all of the chefs at Redbird and Vibiana. Jason Bowlin is our Chef de Cuisine and 99% of all menus get put through him first to make sure they come to life in the way we all intended.

How are the food and cocktails tied into the dining experience, and what was the process like for creating each dish?

Cocktails are designed by Redbird | Vibiana Director Tobin Shea. There will be some unique cocktails and the ways in which they are consumed. I heard there might be an otter pop cocktail and a snow cone made with Herradura tequila. Other unique selections include flasked cocktails featuring Woodford Reserve and No. 3 Gin. We wanted to match the aesthetic of the show to the dinner menu, but create dishes that we also knew we could execute at a high level for 2 seatings a night of 220 people each. Great product from the start makes the tastiest final dish.

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What is the dinner service like, and how is the performance incorporated into the dining experience?

The show and the performance are written and executed in tandem. There will be cues from our “Sous Chef” Cesar who will be part of the performance as well. Service will be similar to a larger event. All dishes are plated to order and served in a tasting menu like service, with some fun woven throughout.

Are there any signature dishes from Redbird that are a part of Revive?

Octopus with salsa macha, Fillet of beef which is a play on Steak Diane as well.

Scallop Crudo

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Is Redbird/Vibiana planning on any future immersive dining experiences?

Yes, we are. This is the first of many. We hope each one will be unique and to be constantly pushing the envelope of how great food, libations, service and performance can be executed at a high level that pushes the senses to new heights.

What is the largest takeaway you’d like guests to go home with after a night at Revive?

We want people to be floored and overcome with joy after they finish the experience.

Creekstone Farms Filet Mignon

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If you’re not at Redbird, what are your top five favorite restaurants in LA, from easy go-tos to fine dining experiences?

Melisse, The Arthur J, Sushi Gen, Bistro Na’s, Sushi Zo

What’s next for you, project/concept-wise?

We want to continue to explore an immersive dining experience as a new way to dine out.