Get To Know Charlie McCoy Oyekwe: Entrepreneur, Author, And Mental Health Champion


Most successful people are happy to live their successful lives, fulfill all their dreams, and enjoy the fame and wealth they’ve earned. Only a few of them take it a step further to look back and lend a helping hand to others who want to follow in their footsteps. Serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and philanthropist Charlie McCoy Oyekwe is among those who rose to fame after accomplishing a series of challenges and is now helping others in a similar situation. He started his career from zero and currently owns multiple six-figure ventures. Having battled mental health issues, PTSD, and other problems in his personal life to achieve his goals, Charlie has become a role model for the next generation of aspiring youth.

Charlie grew up in the Northside of Oklahoma City, a place infested by crime and violence. Needless to say, this environment took a toll on his mental health right from the time he was in school. Although his mother tried her best to give him a better life, nothing truly worked for Charlie, who had changed schools eight times in the same city. Things started changing when he moved out of that neighborhood and came to New York. At 20, he started his career as a volunteer at Watchtower Headquarters and continued this job for 6 years.

He then shifted his focus to the grooming and beauty industry and was hired by the famous personal care company L’Oreal and worked for its subsidiary brand Kiehl’s. Over the next six years, Charlie became a master barber at these brands and eventually ventured into entrepreneurship. Initially, he established two successful barbershops in Manhattan and currently owns a luxury gent’s salon at 331 East 81st, NY 10028. Looking at his career and experiences in life, Charlie feels that his mental strength has been the biggest contributor to his success.

Today, Charlie is a renowned advocate for mental health conditions for men. He founded The Grooming Alchemist (TGA), a non-profit on a mission to improve the mental health, wellness, and grooming of at-risk youth and former high-control group members or cult survivors. TGA also organizes fundraisers and conducts free grooming sessions for high school students. He is also the CEO of Artisan Luxury Brands, a CPG parent company and creative agency based in New York City that he founded. Travel, literature, and art have helped him preserve his mental health during the most trying times, so Artisan Luxury Brands is a small initiative to encourage people to find solace through art. It is the same company that is publishing Charlie’s upcoming book titled Shunned, which is due out in July this year.

As a serial entrepreneur, Charlie has founded 6 successful companies in the last 5 years. He also leads a diverse team of creative talents and operates a global portfolio of brands. Besides brick-and-mortar establishments, his businesses have also expanded through e-commerce. His success story has been featured in numerous publications like Forbes, Business Insider, CBS, Fox, NBC, Medium, NY Times, Miami Wire, LA Wire, and CEO Weekly. He is also a member of the Black Economic Alliance and the Black Government Contracting Club; both organizations support the economic empowerment of the African American Community.

Charlie McCoy Oyekwe now wants to share his story with at-risk youth and adults through his non-profit to inspire them to chase their dreams. TGA will run fundraisers to reach more than 300 youth in District 9 in the coming years. From middle school to high school students, the organization will leave no stone unturned to enrich lives through knowledge, inspiration, and grooming by cutting their hair and talking to them about their dreams for the future.

Written in partnership with S99