Tim Da Jeweler: How To Leverage Content Marketing To Promote Your Business

Written In Partnership With DN News Desk

Photo Credit: Tim Da Jeweler

As consumers become more tech-savvy each day and depend on the internet for their shopping needs more than ever, content marketing is becoming increasingly important in growing your business these days. Meet Timothy Long Jr., aka Tim Da Jeweler, California’s star custom jewelry designer who understood this well to stay ahead of the game.

He is aware of the short-lived nature of any jewelry trend, and the need to constantly innovate and ideate newer design concepts. To reach existing as well as prospective clients, he decided to tap into the all-encompassing world of social media. “Today, social media is king, and everyone is glued to their smartphones,” he says. “And, I have to keep them engaged each day with newer, exciting, pictorial and video content about my product lineups.”

After establishing a broad presence across social media, Tim Da Jeweler stays particularly active with Instagram, YouTube, and Google Ads. He is especially passionate about creating and posting newer, eye-grabbing video content on these platforms to keep his followers and potential clients hooked. His efforts work, and now he has a new, appointment-only showroom to provide a one-on-one experience for his customers.

Tim Da Jeweler discovered his passion for designing and selling jewelry back in 2015 when he had bought a pair of earrings online and then resold it a little later through eBay. After considerable success, he decided to go one step further by designing and branding his own custom jewelry. He also performed comprehensive research on emerging marketing trends and social media. Thus, began his now successful brand, ‘Tim Da Jeweler.’

Tim’s trajectory is among the many success stories to happen after the advent of social media and content marketing. And many businesses have been given wings on account of it. He says, “I feel the more content I release, the closer I get to my customers. This will in turn nurture business relationships and result in more sales.”