Lazaris The Don Lives The Dream, A True Artist Born To Make Music

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Photo Credit: Lazaro Martinez

Making his way into the new era of music is Lazaro Martinez. Remember Cuban link? It so happened one night that Lazaris was holding a Ceremony as the MC. Now, we’re talking about 1999, the age that gave us music legends. When he met Cuban Link, he referred to him as the new fresh air in the music industry. Those exact words! We bet it was one of the best moments of his life, to be brought into the music industry with such enthusiasm and assurance. Millions of people dream to be a part of the music industry but cannot make it far because of one reason or another, in the midst of all this, Lazaris has to be one of the most renowned music artists who has his priorities right. It started to boil up and down into him when Cuban link from terror squad gave him the thumbs up! He was more than honored to get to know him and have his blessings, keeping him motivated for the future.

Coming back to the basics, Lazaro Martinez goes by the stage name of Lazaris The Top Don. He comes from the Royal family bloodline of Dons, who are greatly considered to be a part of the Musical Dynasty. This Master of Ceremony from South Bronx, the Hunts Point is an original and dedicated Puerto Rican & Cuban artist. Besides being the nephew of the legendary Arsenio Rodriguez, he has made a name by being the best version of himself.

Back in the days

Lazaris has come across a lot of things in life, been to places, and spoke to interesting people. In the walk of life, he has lived some moments that play a great role in his career. Once in Atlanta, GA, he was staying over for an AC-3 event.

“It was such a blast, I had the most fun one could have, the entire crowd had a great vibe. I can tell that I rocked the stage while the rest of the people had the best times of their lives. It was a great day for promoting my music to, I want to connect to as much people as possible. Moreover, I got interviewed by a magazine writer from XXL magazine and went to Sirius XM Shade 45 too to again get interviewed by DJ Kay Slay” said Lazaris.


Lazaris recently launched one of his dopest albums a few weeks ago ‘SVCESS’. He wanted to have a positive reaction from the fan followers by introducing a distinguished genre of music, making the masses relate to it while enjoying the beats. This obviously rose into popularity quickly by topping a number of charts with his music. Music is such a great thing, it can reach out to so many people at a time. Lazaris is glad that he could deliver such music.

He still continues to work on 7 new visuals, but worry not there are more singles coming out pretty soon. Before you get to worried about new music, he will be out with another set for you to vibe. He manages his independent music projects pretty well, however, he has actively been participating in two different ones that he is co-producing with new artists who are yet to be revealed.

Great Meets

Lazaris has been very lucky and also very popular to have interacted with one of the most legendary music artists, including DA Inphamus Amadeuz. This is a great man involved in all kinds of businesses.

The first Don father of Salsa who created a strong family musical lineage and bloodline that carries a lot of talent! Lazaris met his uncle Arsenio Rodriguez and has been on great terms with him because of their interests. Big Pun, the first Latino rapper ever to go platinum, and Curtis Blow, the first artist ever to get a record label to deserve the mention too.

Something for the artists

Lazaris makes a lot of effort in providing his consultancy services for growing artists and catering to their demands for specific needs. He realizes the importance of a helping hand And actively participates in educating more potential younger folks who are interested in the music industry.

“It is hectic, although busy, I find great joy in planning the schedule and executing those plans come on that is what life is all about, right? I know when to recharge myself and my thinking process, it takes a lot of motivation to carry on such an organization. if you plan on getting into this, make sure to have a lot of patience and a lot of respect for the music industry. You might be working very hard, but believe me, every bit of it is worth it.” Says Lazaris.