Learn To Navigate The Stock Market The OptionsSwing Way

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The stock market can be a scary and confusing place for beginners to navigate, and for a good reason. Forbes explains why even the smartest people fail to beat the stock market. According to them, the only two ways to beat the market in the long-term are to trade using superior information or to be lucky. Based on the motto, “Education first, profit second,” OptionsSwing Inc shares that perspective. They created their own proprietary management and education platform to help thousands of people learn how to navigate the stock market’s murky waters in a profitable and stress-free way. With more than 170 five-star reviews on Google Business and hundreds of positive testimonials on Facebook, the results speak for themselves. Here, OptionsSwing shares some advice on how to navigate the stock market their way.

The OptionsSwing Story

Before starting OptionsSwing, founder and CEO Jason Lee worked full-time for a Fortune 500 company. To diversify his income, he began investing in the stock market. After years of trading, he discovered options trading, which provided him the volatility he was looking for while still investing in big names like Apple, Boeing, and Microsoft. In his best year of trading, he made over $400,000 while working full-time. That’s when he decided to start teaching close friends what he saw in the market via text messaging. When it became too much to keep up with, he created @optionsswing on Instagram to share his knowledge with a wider audience. Just over a year and a half later, with over 230,000 followers, OptionsSwing shares with followers and subscribers how their winning combination of swing trading and options trading works.

“Education First, Profit Second” – A Motto to Trade By

The OptionsSwing motto is, “Education first, profit second.” The philosophy behind it is, “With the great power of being able to hook up your bank account and trade the same day comes great responsibility to properly educate yourself on how to trade so that you don’t needlessly lose money.” They compare the stock market to a casino in the sense that many traders lose money because they don’t know when to stop, but oftentimes they lose money because they have little to no education about the stock market, which leads to poor and uninformed decisions.

Benefits of Navigating the Stock Market as Part of a Community

OptionsSwing is a private educational community that teaches people how to trade properly, unlike stock “gurus” who sell a luxurious lifestyle. With over 2,000 members, 16 employees, and nine educational mentors on staff to answer questions every day, OptionsSwing makes it a lot less frightening for beginners to get involved in trading. With the support of a community, members can feel more confident making informed decisions that will help them be profitable. Being part of a close-knit community of traders and investors can also help members avoid pitfalls like emotional investing, which Investopedia warns is a common investment trap.

Knowledge is power, and this is especially true when it comes to beating the stock market. While it’s easier than ever to get involved in trading, unique educational services like OptionsSwing share the knowledge you need to succeed.