How Jaime Manteiga Is Persuading Businesses To Switch From Traditional Business Cards To Taptok

Written in partnership with Ascend

Jaime ManteigaPhoto Credit: Jaime Manteiga

Business cards have been a staple in the business world for centuries. The humble business card has been used to network, as well as increase leads. Young entrepreneur Jaime Manteiga looked at business cards and saw that they were somewhat a relic of the past. He believed that there could be improvements made to them, especially given how we are now in a digital age. His answer to modernizing and optimizing business cards is TapTok.

As the founder of TapTok, Jaime has developed a card that embraces the use of smart technology and eco-friendly materials. With a TapTok card, all you need to do is tap the sleek-looking card on something like a smartphone, and contact details will transfer to the recipient right away.

This revolutionary approach to networking uses the latest sharing technologies to eliminate the need for paper business cards while allowing for the contactless exchange of information. It’s also very sleek and appealing to modern users.

These days, people are very mindful of what they are touching given the COVID-19 pandemic. This touchless way of networking resolves an issue that hasn’t been talked about that much, which is the potential transmission of the virus through exchanging business cards. With TapTok, this is no longer an issue. Thanks to this technology, businesses can continue building their networks, and do so safely.

There are numerous issues with business cards that TapTok resolves. For instance, once a business card is printed, it cannot be changed. With TapTok, you can make changes easily by using a digital dashboard that allows you to change anything you wish. There is even the possibility of getting some feedback from the people you network with. By adding your profile, you can see how other people are reacting to it. Also, paper business cards are going to get ruined if they come in contact with water. TapTok is water-resistant, allowing for accidental mishaps to occur without issues.

Sometimes, you want to keep the details on your card private where only the recipient should see them. However, if someone loses a card you gave them, your sensitive and personal information may get into the wrong hands. TapTok eliminates this issue by including bank-level security. If you ever lose your card, or if it gets stolen, you can lock it or remove information through your digital dashboard.

Jaime has figured out how to revolutionize something that has changed relatively little since it first appeared over 500 years ago. In his view, if there is a way to improve something using technology, then it should be improved. This bright mind is a member of the International Forbes Technology Council, as well as the Young Entrepreneurs Council. At just 30 years old, Jaime has already made his mark as a tech genius. While he does acknowledge that getting people and businesses to make the switch may take some time, he believes that given how superior TapTok is over traditional business cards, it will eventually become the preferred way to network.

You can learn more about TapTok by heading over to its website. You can also follow TapTok on Facebook and Instagram