Franklin Seeber On How Steve Irwin Inspired Him To Educate People About Animals And Build A Massively Successful YouTube Channel

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Franklin SeeberPhoto Credit: Franklin Seeber

We no longer seek our celebrities only on movie screens or TV. YouTube has, in the last decade, become the first place where the next generation of celebrities show up online and gain fame. Franklin Seeber is one such YouTuber who has achieved his targets and is famous for receiving his accolades from the social media website.

Franklin always wanted to run his own TV show when he was very little. Even now, at the age of 22, his passion for charismatic display and an audience has not dimmed. “I always channel my energy into what I love to do. Obviously, the audience is going to notice such dedication,” he said. Franklin chose YouTube because the format of the website allowed him to show people about his love for animals in a very accessible way. As a young boy, he used to watch Australian zookeeper and television personality Steve Irwin, who made a huge impact on Franklin’s life. “Thanks to Irwin’s influence, I have made educational videos about the care and nurture of animals for over 500 million active users all over the world. Not only did I educate myself, but I also managed to educate all my viewers about the proper treatment of animals all through my camera’s lens,” said Franklin.

Franklin was diagnosed with ADHD while growing up, but fortunately, it turned out to be a blessing for him. He was able to plot out his life’s path from a young age. “I decided I was going to be a fisherman. I loved fishing, and so I decided to film my adventures when I went fishing. Within weeks, I had tons of content in the form of vlogs, and I was making decent money from my ad revenues. Pretty soon, not only was I making money from my videos, but I was also reinvesting it back into making even more videos,” said Franklin. The most exciting day of his life was when he hit the 100,000 subscriber mark. “I never would have thought this was possible until I saw it with my own eyes. It didn’t take too long for me to reach over a million subscribers on my channel. Now, my next goal is to reach over 10 million subscribers,” he added.

Confidence and the ability to push forward is what helped Franklin achieve his dreams—with a little help from Steve Irwin!