Entrepreneur Torsten Maehle Plans To Create A Clean Air Future Beyond COVID-19

Written in partnership with Vaxxinator USA

Torsten MaehlePhoto Credit: Kay Guenther

Although just 33, Torsten Maehle has long been a man on a mission to bring clean air to communities far and wide. But with the chilling onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic into almost every planetary pocket over the past year, that calling has become ever-more crucial.

“This [product] was first designed to make polluted air clean and now we have discovered it works against other threats like the new coronavirus,” CEO of Vaxxinator USA, which has brought to bear a cutting-edge, COVID-killing air purification system called “Atmofizer.” “This virus has shown us how vulnerable we all are, but this product is tailored to be sustainable – for this threat and the threats that can emerge tomorrow.”

Long before the corona virus crashed the scene, the filterless, state-of-the-art air cleansing system was already dubbed the world’s most innovative and effective clean air technology to combat environmental pollutants. But just ten months ago – at the height of our current health crisis – Torsten and his team of scientists discovered that it also killed harmful ultrafine particles in a way no other air product could.

With thousands of Americans still dying by the day, the quest to manufacture and distribute has morphed into a race against time. Yet if anyone knows how to innovate and execute in record time, it is Torsten.

After cinching millionaire status as an event industry entrepreneur in his native home of Germany – all before the age of 22 – the ever-evolving young innovator has under his belt a multitude of visionary successes, of which Atmofizer has already climbed the ranks as his most passionate achievement.

Torsten MaehlePhoto Credit: Kay Guenther

“This clean air technology is going to disrupt the industry – an industry where there was barely any innovation for decades,” he enthused. “The technology is not only superior in terms of capability in destroying harmful particles, but it is also chemical-free. It doesn’t take a lot of space, doesn’t require filter changes, and therefore there is no landfill waste.”

In a nutshell, the filterless Atmofizer utilizes a combination of new technologies including ultrasonic waves and UV-C light that respectively agglomerates particulate matter less than 200nm and then neutralizes UFPs including particle pollution and eliminates COVID-19. It’s an innovative, world-wide patented technology that has been tested and verified in the most renowned aerosol laboratories in the world, the IUTA in Germany.

Under Torsten’s tutelage, the company has overhauled what has long been a stalemate industry. Today’s air purification solutions typically use a type of HEPA filter and/or UV-C light and are optimized for particle sizes around 300 nm; this new technology eliminates particles smaller than 200nm.

And with being the most successful air purifier at slaughtering air-borne coronavirus particles, all without using a filter, it comes as little surprise that lawmakers and leaders are already tapping Atmofizer as a pivotal player to revive the U.S economy. Torsten endeavors to ensure indoor businesses – think gyms, restaurants, offices, and stores – in Florida and beyond can safely fling open the doors and bring back America’s shattered economy.

Simply waiting around for a vaccine to do the rounds isn’t the way Torsten’s ever-ticking mind works. It’s about getting the product as far and wide as quickly as possible.

Torsten MaehlePhoto Credit: Kay Guenther

And the visionary tech entrepreneur is indeed in good company in and around his Miami Beach abode – as hundreds of like-minded modernizers and cutting-edge investors have flocked to the southern sunshine from the shuttered grooves of Silicon Valley. Lured not only away from the stringent lockdowns, but further incentivized by Miami Mayor Francis Suarez’s push to make the city the world’s new tech hub.

More than 17 financial and tech businesses, including Spotify and Goldman Sachs, have already vowed to move to Miami – and this isn’t only for the short-term.

Like the forward-thinking brethren surrounding Torsten in high-rises and hamlets in and around the southern Florida shoreline, he knows that real innovation is something that stands the test of time. And that means wholehearted dedication and commitment to curing the hovering pollution crisis – which already causes an average of 300,000 American deaths each year – hovering in the shadows until the pandemic passes.

“The long-term vision is for this technology to be integrated into cars, airplanes – to be a vital player in our safe travel,” Torsten added. “COVID might be the threat today, but who knows what it will be tomorrow. The Atmofizer makes sure we are ready for whatever they might be.”