Trends In Digital Media And Entertainment That Will Rule 2021 According To Prophecy Onasis

Written in partnership with DN News DeskProphecy OnasisPhoto Credit: Prophecy OnasisProphecy Onasis, a Las Vegas tech mogul and entrepreneur, explains how the media and entertainment space is going to see many more transformations in the coming years.

The world that we are living in right now is something all of us could not even imagine a year back. Such has been the effect and the grave impact of what is today known as a global health pandemic. People and businesses saw a major downfall in figures, and are patiently waiting for all of this to be over.

With such profound changes globally, many new transformations were also created, specifically in the digital world. Digital platforms have played a major role in connecting people since the pandemic and many daily activities such as yoga, college, jobs and even watching movies have gone from physical to completely digital overnight. The pandemic has inspired many to respond to these structural changes that affected many arenas including the entertainment and media industry.

Prophecy Onasis, who stands tall as an expert tech entrepreneur, is serving as the CTO for Vuuzle Media Corporation and explains how the arena of online video streaming and increased mobile data usage is impacting the masses. He specializes in online business models like native apps and content delivery networks for entertainment and lays out a few trends that will rule 2021 in the media and entertainment space.

Viewing Experiences With Advertising 

Gone are the days when people patiently waited for their favorite films to get released in theatres or for world television premieres. Due to the pandemic, the viewing experience of people has also changed and become exclusively digital. Prophecy Onasis, who also closely works with famous American company Verizon Media and their certified OTT development team, explains that people still enjoy free content even if there are interruptions due to ads.

The volume of consumable content has increased, yet viewers still show up. Many top studios are also turning to video streaming and ad-supported content is returning with a vengeance. But, the trend of ad-free viewing is preferred by all audiences and Vuuzle media is banking on this for years to come.

Personalized Content

According to recent reports, experts say that most consumers are willing to pay for personalized content. “Companies have also become more conscious about the content they are creating and the audiences they are targeting,” points out Prophecy Onasis. Hence, more content development and niche communication are geared towards those audiences. This has led to a greater increase in AI and machine learning for drawing out connection points so that audiences’ preferences can be better analyzed and used to increase company revenue.

Direct to Consumer (D2C) Video Streaming

Video streaming saw exponential growth within the first months of the outbreak of the virus. People today are heavily dependent on these platforms for their source of entertainment. Scores around the world began searching for meaningful, diverse, and unique content while indoors on OTT platforms like Vuuzle. The ecosystem may be rife with streaming warfare, but Prophecy Onasis asserts that his D2C video streaming platform is here to stay.

Prophecy Onasis highlights that media and entertainment firms need to focus on building intelligent enterprises like his, where they can implement enterprise resource planning to ensure higher efficiencies, lower spending, and much more efficient work processes.