Gloria Kloter Is A Successful Entrepreneur Who Is Acing The Game Of The Architecture And Design Industry

Written in partnership with DN News DeskGloria KloterPhoto Credit: Gloria KloterGloria has been actively innovating in the design industry with her company ‘Glow architects’ to retain and grow her place as a global leader within her field.

In a world full of people who want rapid change and fast money making techniques, we are fortunate to be able to meet individuals who believe in slow and gradual growth and stay in the industry for a long time to build their expertise in their respective fields. Those individuals who believe in themselves and stay patient throughout the journey are the true sources of inspiration.

Gloria Kloter, AIA, NCARB, CODIA, is one such entrepreneur, who has remained focused on her goals and has shown the utmost dedication and patience to make a name for herself in the architecture and design industry. She’s constantly educating herself on the newest technology, trends, and materials to best serve her clients and the community.

She is a renowned and award-winning Florida architect and designer. With a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture Design and a Master’s degree in Architecture of Interiors, Gloria is a pioneer in the architecture and design industry. Many magazines and websites have recognized her work and ranked her as the most appropriate and trustworthy architect. She says, “As an architect, I don’t feel that my designs have one ‘style.’ If you take a look at my projects, they’re pretty different from each other, because they all reflect the personality, taste, needs, and wants of my clients. My designs are always about them and what serves their best interest, they’re never about me.”

For Gloria, 2020 has been a game-changing year, she became a proud mom and later launched her architectural company called Glow Architects in the United States. Glow Architects is an international Architecture & Interior Design Studio and its goal is to create meaningful spaces that beautifully reflect the true self of a client.

Gloria says, “At Glow Architects we enlighten the design process for our clients; we bring light to the darkness in a way. We have clients that have an idea of what they want, but that can change throughout the design process. Needless to say that most of the time clients may not know the full extent of what they need and all the pieces that need to work together to make the project happen.”

Today, Gloria focuses on raising a family while running a successful business. She has a dual duty as a business owner as well as a mother. Women like Gloria set a perfect example for others by demonstrating that women can do anything they put their hearts on and they don’t have to choose family over business or vice versa.

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