Rahul Saggu Talks About The Invaluable Lessons He Learnt From His Loss

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Rahul SagguPhoto Credit: Rahul Saggu

When we lose people, we are often left emotionally gutted, our head replaying all of the wonderful memories we made with the person we lost. For some people, losing a loved one leaves them emotionally wrecked – and it is normal if it does. 

However, for others, they pick up the pieces of their broken heart and make mosaics off of them. They transform the emotional ache they feel into fuel and strive for better things, either to make the dead family member or friend proud or to prove to themselves that they can win irrespective of the loss. 

For Rahul Saggu, losing his father, while a painful experience, helped propel him forward. 

Rahul is the CEO of ModernDay cannabis, and a top-performing leader in VINE, the number one mortgage alliance team in Canada. Rahul has helped hundreds of clients to secure their dream homes with good and payable loans.

For Rahul, his father taught him the fundamentals of life, of doing business, and having a successful career. Rahul says his father was his mentor, guiding him on the path to follow, instilling in him the virtues and values that have helped him grow his business and his career. 

After he lost his father, Rahul said he felt lost and alone in the world.

“Take any father-son movie,” he says, “multiply it by 10, and you might see me and my dad.” 

Father and son were so close that Rahul says that he was not just his father, but also his mentor, friend, and life coach all tied into one.

After the death of his father, Rahul was able to pick himself up from the ground and use the values his father taught him as his guiding light in making tough business decisions. 

The loss helped Rahul build his confidence, and taught him that he could do anything if he set his mind to it. 

Growing up in Toronto, although born in London and spent a few years in Kenya, helped him to always fight and win no matter how tough the situation is. 

“My father instilled in me a work ethic and empathy towards others, and these values have been invaluable to me. My work ethic is great, and it is evident in the results I have recorded so far. In regards to empathy towards others, the lessons he taught me have helped me in dealing with clients, listening to them, and truly understanding their needs and goals.”

Every time we lose, we can either choose to dwell on the loss or we can use the loss as a springboard to better things. We are shaped by our experiences, no doubt, but we define what those experiences should be like. And for Rahul, he has chosen to shape his experience positively, using his loss as fuel for better things. 

Rahul’s words to all of us are simple: never stop being awesome, even in the face of hard times. Whatever we go through should mold us for greater things and be sources of inspiration for us. 

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