Hakar Mahmoud On Transforming Your Lifestyle Through Fitness

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Hakar MahmoudPhoto Credit: Hakar MahmoudYou often come across the saying, “Health is wealth.” But do you ever wonder what exactly does it mean? Many people exercise daily but end their day by eating pizzas, French fries, or junk food. That’s far from the definition of the adage, as mentioned earlier. Improving your health starts with being more aware of your eating habits and lifestyle choices. Being healthy offers so much more than achieving your dream physique as it enables you to perform better in all aspects of life.

Hakar Mahmoud, a Swedish fitness influencer, believes that your fitness goals define your lifestyle. While changing your lifestyle overnight isn’t possible, you can gradually make the necessary changes in your daily routine and work your way toward living healthy. Keep in mind that meeting your fitness goals is a continuous process that requires hard work and dedication. But how can fitness lead to a better lifestyle? Here’s what Hakar Mahmoud has to say.

Your lifestyle reflects your aesthetics.

Health and fitness go beyond the way you look, how heavy you can lift at the gym, or the food you eat. According to Hakar, your health and fitness are about your quality of life, the way you feel, your ability to move, your focus at work, and your psychological state. All these contribute to your lifestyle.

If you are truly healthy, you will remain in a better mood. When you are in a better mood, you make better decisions. And when you make better decisions, you live a life that you want to live in the first place.

Hakar says that once you tweak your lifestyle for good, it reflects on your aesthetics also. For example, you feel enthusiastic about making your home look better. When you have a nice-looking home, you naturally want to keep that look going because of the lifestyle change you are going through in your personal life.

Consistency is the mantra for success.

Hakar is a firm believer in hard work, perseverance, and consistency. These three factors can make or break your career. When Hakar started with his fitness regime, he never imagined he would walk down the red carpet with Hollywood celebrities. But when opportunities came knocking at his door, he knew he had to grab them. And that’s where his consistent hard work towards maintaining his fitness levels paid off. His motivation to live a healthy lifestyle was an extension of his goal of making it big in Hollywood. And so, he promised himself never to stop working hard toward his goal, even for one day.

He believes that if you want to pursue your dreams, you need consistency in your life. Sure, you can get your desired results through an extreme diet or working out for several hours each day, but can you continue that regime for years? If not, temporary success will only make you miserable in the long run.

He advises everyone to set achievable goals, whether in fitness or any passion that you have in your life. Once you achieve one goal, your enthusiasm to reach the next goal increases. This consistent desire to succeed is what ultimately brings positive changes to your lifestyle.

Hakar is not just a fitness influencer but also a famous digital marketer. Even you can follow in his footsteps if you stop procrastinating and set realistic goals that would lead to the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.