How Charlotte McKinney Is Practicing Positivity + Staying Healthy During The Lockdown

 Charlotte McKinneyPhoto Credit: Catherine Harbour

Actress and model Charlotte McKinney is taking the COVID-19 quarantine in stride. She’s staying healthy through her dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan lifestyle, and using her platform with purpose to empower the way women feel about themselves.

This isn’t the Baywatch actress’ first brush with negativity, either. The Orlando native, who dropped out of high school at 17 and moved to Miami to become a model, dealt with dyslexia and was bullied for having larger-than-normal “features” at a young age—though even then she decided to ignore the negativity and embrace her assets.

Now, the actress, who has starred on Crackel’s Mad Families, 2B Film’s First We Take Brooklyn, CBS’ action-adventure Macgyver reboot and season 20 of ABC’s Dancing with the Starsis sharing what her day-to-day life looks like during the quarantine. Check out her beautiful and resilient attitude below!

Charlotte McKinneyPhoto Credit: Cibelle Levi
Photographer: Cibelle Levi
Stylist: Marc Eram


Tell us about life during the lockdown. How are you coping?

Life during quarantine has been a bit challenging but I think everyday is different for everyone. Some days are fine and some days you feel stir crazy. I’m coping with it as good as I can by taking it day by day. I’ve been focusing on myself and trying to better myself through organizing a to do list and staying on top of my work.

Now that you have more time on your hands, have you done or tried anything that you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time? What, if so?

For me, I’ve never been much of a cook and I’ve always dined out or ordered takeout but now I’ve been cooking my own meals. It’s been challenging but fun at the same time. I eat clean and healthy foods, buy fresh produce and make roasted vegetables as much as possible. Learning how to navigate the kitchen has made me nostalgic because I realized I remember things from growing up with my mom who was a great cook. I want to continue to keep cooking at home even after quarantine is over.

Charlotte McKinneyPhoto Credit: Cibelle Levi

Has fitness been super important during the quarantine? Are you as active as ever or has your routine changed substantially?

It has been tough finding motivation. I was used to my routine when I would get up and go to a near by workout class. It’s different now not having an instructor pushing me and yelling at me to correct my form or to keep going. I have to motivate myself now and push myself with every workout – it’s been tricky. I’ve been winding down lately and not working out as much, I was really intense with my workouts.

What’s next for you project-wise in 2020?

I’m looking forward to some amazing things this year. As the world is on hold, most projects are as well but I’m positive about what the remainder of the year will bring.

Charlotte McKinneyPhoto Credit: Cibelle Levi

You also just appeared in “Fantasy Island.” How often do you wish you were on a fantasy island right now (and which one)?

It’s actually funny because I have family that live in Florida and the Bahamas. I had previously made plans to be in the Bahamas for Easter. It would have been really nice to be out in the Bahamas during this time and I wish I could be out there with my family. It’s been tough and tricky and I miss my family more everyday.

What, to you, is the greatest luxury in life and why?

The greatest luxury in life is having my family around. Especially with everything going on, I feel fortunate and grateful for them. It’s something you can’t buy and being able to speak to my parents and sister has been super important to me. I love having that connection with them.


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