How Brandon Mimms Built His Social Media Empire

Written in partnership with CelemediaBrandon MimmsPhoto Credit: Brandon MimmsBrandon Mimms was born and raised in the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. He always had an entrepreneurial mindset which helped him make valuable connections and meet people he would not have met otherwise. He knew he had a passion for digital marketing from an early age. He worked hard for content creation and monetization throughout high school.

How Brandon started his journey

After school, he decided to pursue an education in sales and marketing. As soon as he graduated he began working a 9-5 job to pay his bills while also creating, experimenting, and maintaining his very first Twitter account.

Brandon learned that the largest growing accounts often had a female demographic with content focused on popular media, fashion, and trends. Soon he created his first page following this demographic and content style. His growth strategies started working and his Twitter account grew to nearly 500,000 followers in less than a week.

He began receiving requests from major brands, influencers, and media companies to get featured on his page. He took the advantage, partnered with brands, and connected with other social media influencers to continue his growth. Mimms took what he earned and then reinvested it into creating other profitable accounts across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. As a result of all of his hard work, he now has a total of 10 million followers across all platforms.

What Brandon has to say about his journey 

“I am motivated primarily because I am very passionate about social media. When I initially started in social media I wasn’t sure if it would become successful or even earn money but the one thing I knew was that I enjoyed what I was doing. The continued growth of my accounts and the potential they have is what makes this job exciting and fresh for me, but my passion is what truly keeps me going. I have been lucky enough to realize the potential of social media and I’m excited for what the future holds”, Mimms state

Brandon’s current position

At present Mimms works with various firms such as PUBG mobile and Runescape along with numerous verified artists, actors, pro athletes, and social media influencers. He is also working with businesses from the Niagara region, his hometown, to help them develop and improve their social media marketing skills.

Mimms plans for his social media growth 

Mimms continues to invest heavily in social media. Recently he made one of his boldest acquisitions yet, obtaining @USA. Mimms looks forward to the construction of a digital marketing agency and hopes to pass on his knowledge of social media to others.

“I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Just like my accounts, I am continuously growing. My network, outreach, and influence continue to grow with every transaction and post I make. I am always growing, expanding my knowledge, and learning about the latest and greatest. I plan to continue growing my brand on social media and hope to be a mentor for young individuals fresh on the social media scene. I will continue investing my time, money, and hard work into my businesses.”, Mimms said.

With a huge passion for travel, Mimms has visited over 25 countries and plans to go to every continent. “With social media as a job I am lucky to be able to work remotely and accomplish other goals while doing it.”, Mimms said.