Your Business Can Survive And Thrive With The Corona Crisis Playbook

Entrepreneur and business owner Sean Wolfington presents a “Corona Crisis Playbook” to help businesses “navigate this complex web of stimulus programs, and to provide to help them re-engineer operations.”

Watch the video below

“The Corona Crisis Playbook provides a comprehensive guide to help businesses survive during the crisis and thrive through the recovery,” says Wolfington. “Get an in-depth review of all the stimulus programs available to fund small and medium-sized businesses along with best practices to acquire, conserve and manage capital through the crisis while protecting and serving your employees, customers and the families you serve.”

The thorough video goes through the different steps that a small company can take to survive and even thrive under the current climate of quarantine and social distancing. The Playbook covers critical areas like planning, capital management, communications, human resources, virtual workforce, facility management, and marketing. The Playbook is helpful for business owners of multiple industries. It can be found at the website

shutterstock_1680080773 - Corona Crisis PlaybookPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

The Corona Crisis Playbook video shares best practices to:

  • Acquire free and inexpensive funding through stimulus programs
  • Create a financial forecast and cash management plan to carry you through the crisis
  • Create a communications plan to connect with your employees, customers, and community
  • Manage human resources requirements with high absentee rates and new health care regulations
  • Establish Policies and Processes to Protect your employees, customers, and guests who visit your facilities
  • Re-engineer operations to maximize online sales and delivery in the post-corona economy
  • Marketing strategies to regain market share and revenue when the market reopens