Marc Roberts, Miami Worldcenter Co-Founder, Returns With A Massive Purchase

PARAMOUNT Worldcenter upper deck rendering

Photo Credit: PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter

Marc Roberts, one of the original founders of the Paramount Miami Worldcenter project, is celebrating a big win for the upcoming development. The Paramount Worldcenter team recently sold another site within the project for $26.78M to IRR Parkway Investments LLC.

IRR Parkway Investments is co-managed by Ira Saferstein, co-owner and managing member of Titan Capital ID, real estate lenders in the New York City market; and Marc Roberts, one of the original founders of the Paramount Miami Worldcenter project.

Roberts, who began his career as a boxing promoter before jumping into real estate, co-founded Paramount Miami Worldcenter with Art Falcone. After the market downturn in 2008, Roberts continued to invest in Miami with new acquisitions and projects.

Photo Credit: PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter

Paramount Miami Worldcenter, a $4 billion project with a condo, apartment, retail and hotel components, is the second-largest mixed-used development planned in the United States. The first phase of development is underway. About 150,000 square feet of retail space has been completed at Paramount Miami Worldcenter, and retailers are expected to open in 2021. Miami Worldcenter is a one-acre site between North Miami Avenue, 9th and 10th streets in downtown Miami.