Nickelodeon’s Good Burger Opens Nostalgic Pop-Up Restaurant In LA

There’s a new burger joint in town and we promise it’s All That. Kel Mitchell, the mega superstar behind Nickelodeon’s All That series and Good Burger feature film, is opening his pop-culture vault and taking loyal Nick kids through a wildly groovy 90’s time capsule of the comedy sketch and movie that changed the ephemeral experience of ordering a burger into a televised phenomenon. Partnering with Nickelodeon and the viral pop-up sensation Saved By The Max, Mitchell is handing down the recipe to his legendary Good Burger and Ed’s secret sauce with a pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles just in time for Nickelodeon’s All That to return on air.

Haute Living sat down with Derek Berry, partner of Saved By The Max and Good Burger, to hear more on the recent opening of this 90’s pop smash restaurant, turning a cult-like touchstone into a culinary adventure with Chef Alvin Cailan of Eggslut, and what real life fast food items Nick kids can expect to see on the menu.

Good Burger LA Pop-Up
Nickelodeon’s Good Burger Opens Pop-Up Restaurant With Kel Mitchell In LA

HAUTE LIVING: Tell us about launching the brand new restaurant concept, Good Burger, inspired by Nickelodeon’s All That sketch. 

DEREK BERRY: As a huge fan of pop culture and all things 90’s nostalgia, when the opportunity was presented to me by Kel Mitchell to work with him to bring this to life, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The timing from our last pop up into this one couldn’t have been any better.

HL: Your viral pop-up phenomenon, Saved By The Max, has brought nostalgic immersive experiences to life in Los Angeles through gastronomic performance. How does the Good Burger pop-up bring this American fan-favorite comedy back to life?

DB: The difference with Good Burger and Saved By The Max is I feel like Good Burger is meant to be a lot more theatrical than Saved By The Max was. I also think we had to focus a lot more on the food because you can’t call yourself something like Good Burger and not have really good food.

HL: What must-have eats can we expect to see on the menu? 

DB: The Good Burger and the Good Chunks are flying, so I would say it’s a pretty close tie between those for popularity.

Good Burger LA Pop-Up
Nickelodeon’s Good Burger Opens Pop-Up Restaurant With Kel Mitchell In LA

Photo Credit: Good Burger

HL: Well-known native Angeleno, Chef Alvin Cailan of Eggslut, will be taking over the kitchen. What twists do Cailan have planned for our real-life Good Burgers and Good Fries?

DB: He made his own Ed’s sauce and it’s incredible!

HL: The design of the space, executed by the multi-disciplinary artist, Floyd A. Davis IV, also features fan-favorite Insta-worthy moments. Tell us more about the design of the space.

DB: I’ve known Floyd for a really long time from Chicago and always wanted to work with him. He just moved out to Los Angeles the week that we got the Good Burger contract and the stars aligned. The thing about Floyd is he’s not just a designer, he’s a full-on artist who brought so much creativity to the table.

HL: With Nickelodeon premiering a brand-new version of its legendary series starring an all-new cast, how will the Good Burger pop-up celebrate its televised return? 

DB: We actually added an All That game room to the Good Burger pop up so it plays on the nostalgia tribute with the 90’s arcade vibe, but then is also reminding everybody that All That has just re-premiered and is still relevant again.

HL: Can we expect to see our favorite Nickelodeon alumni, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, to make an appearance?

DB: Yes! Kel is the creator of it all and frequents!