TAG Heuer Celebrates Grand Opening Of New Aventura Mall Boutique With Alec Monopoly

TAG Heuer celebrated its new boutique opening in Aventura Mall with brand ambassador and art provocateur, Alec Monopoly. The coveted graffiti artist first partnered with the timepiece brand in 2016 as an ambassador and was later appointed Art Creator in 2017 at Miami’s Contemporary Art Week. Always one step ahead of his time, Monopoly has created several watches with TAG Heuer inspired by his own highly-renowned artwork. Haute Living caught up with Alec Monopoly at the brand’s exclusive opening of its new boutique where the artist dished on his most memorable experiences, favorite timepiece and more.

Andrea Soriani, Alec Monopoly and Nicolas Pic
Andrea Soriani, Alec Monopoly and Nicolas Pic

Photo Credit: Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for TAG Heuer

Haute Living: You’ve been an ambassador for the brand for several years, what about it drew you to partner up with them and what synergies do you see between your brand and theirs?

Alec Monopoly: This brand is accessible to millennials, the price point makes it accessible to millennials and they are a big part of my fanbase. TAG Heuer is an international brand and my artwork is conceived international and so it works really well together between my brand and TAG.

HL: You’ve traveled the world with the brand, what’s been one of your most memorable moments of being a TAG Heuer ambassador?

AM: I think my trip [with TAG] to Asia was amazing. I went to China and spoke with the university there. It’s a beautiful country and it was an amazing experience.

TAG Heuer Celebrates Ribbon Cutting For New Aventura Boutique Opening With Alec MonopolyPhoto Credit: Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for TAG Heuer

HL:  What are some of your favorite timepieces from the brand that you own?

AM: I would have to say my signature piece. The Carrera Calibre Heuer01 is my favorite timepiece.

HL: What have you learned about watchmaking through your partnership with TAG Heuer? 

AM: I’ve learned that it’s actually very complex and hard. These guys have extremely steady hands, even steadier than mine and I have a pretty steady hand. It’s crazy how they put all the pieces together and create such great timepieces.

Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for TAG Heuer
TAG Heuer Director of Stores Bridie OHagan, TAG Heuer VP of Sales North America Nicolas Pic, Art Provocateur Alec Monopoly, TAG Heuer VP of Marketing Andrea Soriani and TAG Heuer Boutique Director Marcio Machado

HL: What are some cool elements of the new boutique at Aventura Mall? 

AM: It’s cool because I actually shop at [Aventura Mall] a lot. It’s one of the best malls in Miami so it’s great to have an access point here and I’m sure everyone that shops here as well will be able to say the same. It’s nice to have TAG Heuer both at [this location] and also in the Miami Design District.