You Can Now Workout Your Face At Facegym On Saks Fifth Avenue’s New Beauty Floor


If you thought you knew about every workout under the sun, you’re going to be surprised to learn there’s a new workout in town and this time its targeted at the face. As a part of Saks Fifth Avenue‘s beauty re-model, the beloved store is also now home to the United States first Facegym –  a unique “muscle manipulation” workout to tone, tighten and sculpt the face. The London based company is excited to officially make its US debut in New York City
IMG_0476Photo Credit: Facegym 

Just like a traditional workout class there is a warm up, cardio, and cool down section. During the warm up and cardio phase the trainer delivers knuckling, faceballing, high-speed hand whipping, flicking and pinching techniques, but don’t worry it doesn’t hurt one bit. Instead its relaxing like a traditional massage would be – releasing tension where muscles are tight. There are custom moves that range from “animal fingers”, “caterpillar” and “barbering” over the entire face and neck that hit the 40+ muscles in the face. The cardio piece is all about detoxing and making the face sweat.


The trainer then uses deep finger sculpting and lifting techniques paying particular attention to the mighty masseter muscle in the jaw to release tension and re-define the jawline. A ‘micro-contouring’ technique is also used to lift the, jaw, cheekbone, and eye area paying particular attention to the Zygomaticus to give you the most enviable lifted cheekbones. A much more gentle technique is used around the eye muscle to lift and sculpt the whole eye area reducing any unwanted puffiness.

During the cool down period, a jade stone is used to take some of the heat out of the face and drain away toxins while lengthening and cooling down the muscles that have just been worked out. By integrating amalgamated massage, muscle manipulation, and technology, this workout creates a unique service that really works to tone and sculpt the face.

Location: Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Avenue, Beauty on 2