Talking All Things Wellness With Shape House Founder Sophie Chiche

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Since Shape House opened its first location in Los Angeles, over 40,000 people have come in to sweat so it should come to no surprise that this wellness hot spot has made its way to the east coast. But what exactly is Shape House? It’s an urban sweat lodge designed to promote complete wellness from the inside out and it has developed quite the celebrity and fan following.

We spoke with Founder Sophie Chiche to learn more about the craze that is sweeping the nation.

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What was your inspiration behind Shape House?

Wellness. Making wellness affordable and convenient, so people can fit it in their protocol. 

Is there an ideal candidate?

Anyone who is looking for a better sleep, glowing skin, to burn calories, a boost in metabolism, to soothe sore muscles, or just have an hour of tv and relaxation to themselves.

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How often can/should a person go through a sweat sesh?

Clients see a difference after one session in their skin, sleep, energy level. Depending on what your goals are, we have different membership options to help support you.

What type of results could someone expect to see from multiple sweat sessions/month? Or what would be the best way to achieve optimal results from Shape House? 

Shape House can fit into your life however you want it to. For those looking to relax and have the remote to themselves, once a week might be enough. For those looking to lose weight, three times a week might be better. Sweating is like going to the gym. It works if you show up. But what we have found is that sweating can be a strong gateway to other health and wellness. You have a good sweat with us and then maybe you choose a salad for lunch or you make it to that yoga class. One good thing leads to another, leads to another and sweating is a good catalyst.

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Who would benefit from the two different types of treatment? What’s the biggest difference between them?

The biggest difference between the infrared sweat and the lymphatic massage is that there is no heat involved in the lymphatic. The lymphatic massage is a suit that you put on (over your clothes) that simulates the feeling of getting your blood pressure taken. It targets specific areas of your body’s lymphatic system. The two sessions are very complimentary to one another. Starting with the lymphatic, as it helps the circulation of toxins, followed by the sweat, to help release this toxins. 

What has the response been like to Shape House?

People love it! It’s more than just the sweat to us. We really focus on the experience being comfortable for each individual client. We encourage people to take a break and relax and feel taken care of while they are with us. 

What are you most looking forward to for Shape House in 2018?

Continuing to spread the love of sweat. Opening more locations in Los Angeles and New York. Making this modality more accessible to people.

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