Cleo Is Reimagining Mediterranean Cuisine Before Our Eyes

Cleo SLS Las Vegas Haute Living Tita CarraPhoto Credits: Chris Wessling

Cleo is bold and this contemporary Mediterranean cuisine tapas restaurant recently made sure you were aware of that.

Located in the SLS Las Vegas, Cleo has introduced two new entrees to its menu, featuring a Moroccan twist on American classics: fried chicken and prime ribeye.

Chef Danny Elmaleh is a rebel. To take on a traditional, sacred Moroccan cuisine and modernize it is already a bold move. But, to now reimagine an American staple and in the same breath add to the Mediterranean cuisine without asking permission, well, that’s just plain daring.

It’s his kitchen and we just live in it and we’ll try anything he makes especially when it’s said to pack juicy, flavorful Mediterranean ingredients served with apricot mustard and harissa aioli.

Cleo SLS Las Vegas Haute Living Tita Carra

The new prime ribeye is also packing a punch of flavor. Sitting in at 13-ounces, it is served with perfectly grilled peewee potatoes and spoon salad.

With its signature central wood-burning oven, Cleo offers an eclectic blend of shared plates including seasonal flatbreads, kebabs, dips with freshly baked laffa; as well as gluten-free options such as falafel, garlic shrimp, freshly prepared salads and a variety of oysters.

Combined with a celebrated mixology program and enticing atmosphere, Cleo reimagines traditional Mediterranean cuisine with a Chef who is respectfully not asking— simply innovating.

Will Cleo become Las Vegas’ new hot-spot?