First Stop Atlanta: Porsche Launches Subscription Car Service

New Year? New car? Not sure exactly what car you want to drive in this year? If you are a Porsche enthusiast of any sort, check out this recently launched Passport subscription service launching in Atlanta. The Porsche Passport is one of the first luxury car subscription services of its kind. Cadillac was actually considered the first, but they do not offer that in Atlanta yet. Think of this passport as more of a Jetsmarter membership but with choices that cater to your preference when braving the city street traffic.

Here’s how this Porsche Passport works:

First you have to apply for the membership. It’s not too difficult, but good credit and some money in the bank should do the trick. Next, you choose from the two types of memberships.

  • The Launch plan includes access to eight model variants such as the 718 Boxer and Cayman S sports cars, plus the Macan S and Cayenne crossovers, for a monthly fee of $2,000.
  • The Accelerate plan includes access to 22 model variants for a monthly fee of $3,000. In addition to the vehicles in the Launch plan, it includes cars such as the Porsche 911 Carrera S sports car, the Panamera 4S sport sedan, the Macan GTS and the Cayenne S E-Hybrid.porsche-passport (1)

Of course, if you are doing this, you should absolutely go with The Accelerate Plan so you have a fleet of 22 varieties of Porsche at your disposal.

While car subscription services may be old news on the West Coast, it is still a relatively new concept in Atlanta. And, Atlanta is the first and only city so far to have the Porsche subscription service. Think about the flexibility it gives drivers as The Porsche Passport monthly subscription is an alternative to owning or leasing just one car.

Drive a Cayenne SUV today and a Cayman sports car tomorrow. With no commitment when it comes to time, you can keep the car as long as you like or change it up each day to suit your individual needs. In fact, with the app, you will have a white glove delivery concierge ready to switch out your car at the push of a button. 

The membership plans include vehicle tax and registration, insurance and maintenance, plus detailing, for the fixed monthly fee. Both plans require a one-time activation fee of $500, and membership approval is subject to a background and credit check.

Metro Atlanta residents can download the Porsche Passport app available on Apple and Android devices to apply. Once approved, vehicles will be delivered to the member’s location. Members can schedule same-day or future vehicle exchanges via the app. Customer interaction and end-to-end service delivery will be managed by the Clutch technology platform.porsche-passport (2)

Porsche executives will consider the possibility of expanding the Porsche Passport market area after the pilot period is complete. To learn more about Porsche Passport and to apply for your membership, click here.