You Need To Check Out This Outrageous Godzilla Sushi Platter At SAKE ROK

This Outrageous Godzilla Sushi Platter Includes A Roll Called El ChapoPhoto Credit: SAKE ROK

This grand steaming Godzilla presents you with 40 pieces of sushi.

It’s a thrill to find yourself at SAKE ROK on any day of the week, but be careful. The excitement within the four walls of this restaurant is a place for the theatrics and spectacle in the best way possible. Plus, there’s food.

The Godzilla Platter” reads off as strange on the menu and then you read the fine print– sushi. The dish consists of five rolls called Girl On The Beach, El Chapo, Tiger, ROK&Roll, and Tempura Roll. The Chef’s selection of eight pieces of sashimi or nigiri, or combination, are also served on the Godzilla platter for only $200.

SAKE ROK transforms itself into a lively dining experience combining japanese cuisine, impromptu dance parties, and lip-syncing serenades that all guests partake in.