Toast 2018 With An Elegant Gin Cocktail


Staying in this New Year’s Eve? You can still get the party going by mixing drinks at home. Nothing says classic glamour more than a gin-style stirred cocktail. I’m currently obsessed with Walter Collective Gin, a complex spirit produced in Oregon that’s not as harsh or diluted as other gins on the market. The juniper berries are sourced from Tuscany and have a mild, smooth flavor. Hints of cardamom and cassia add warmth while grapefruit provides brightness. Jen Rae, the bar manager at Portland’s Rue, uses Walter Collective to make a flirty rendition of a martini. The pale pink color is thanks to the addition of Bruto Americano, a bitter aperitif from local beloved distillery, St. George Spirits. Garnish with an olive and get ready to ring in 2018. Cheers!

Pink + White cocktail
Pink + White cocktail

Photo Credit: Jordan Hughes

Pink + White

1 1/2 oz Walter Collective Gin
3/4 oz Bruto Americano liqueur
3/4 oz Lacuesta Vermouth Blanco

Stir, serve up with an olive garnish.