Blue Ribbon Brasserie Is The Ultimate Winter Respite


Blue Ribbon Brasserie_Interior_Credit Steve Hill (HR) 4

In the cold months of New York City to come, the dining out mindset has shifted off of sidewalk seating and cafes to tucked away restaurants lit by warming candlelight to have a meal to brave the elements with. For Blue Ribbon Brasserie, SoHo’s edition of the Blue Ribbon family of exemplary offerings, the goal is met perfectly.

Blue Ribbon Brasserie_Oysters_Credit Steve Hill (HR) 2

Brasserie, not to be confused with the restaurant groups other locales of Blue Ribbon Bakery and Blue Ribbon Sushi, feels like the hole in the wall eatery you always see in films. The bar is filled with local patrons, who sip from glasses of brown liquor cocktails from the team’s incredible beverage program. The small dining room is scattered with tables in a way that feels comfortably cozy without being too crammed. The menu offers a wide range of brasserie-styled cooking, from perogies and chicken barley soup to help immediately warm those coming out of the cold as starters, to entrée dishes like lobster, steak, and even a massive Paella Royale for an incredible blend of seafood, vegetables, and sausage to pass around the table. The restaurant also demonstrates its expertise in working with meat, either cooked to perfection with their fried chicken, or left raw with their fresh array of oysters on the menu.

Blue Ribbon Brasserie_Fried Chicken_Credit Steve Hill (HR) 2

Blue Ribbon Brasserie also is perfectly constructed to be a restaurant for real New Yorkers to frequent. To be clear, the Blue Ribbon group’s multiple locales is not a chain, rather a team knowing that the expertise that’s proven successful in one cuisine can be reapplied to the others. Each of the group’s restaurants though feel tucked away into the parts of each neighborhood tourists don’t often frequent. While other parts of SoHo along Broadway’s auxiliary streets full of fashion and shopping outlets may attract the most amount of people, Blue Ribbon is perfectly at home on Sullivan Street, where those locals living in the area know that can always feel the chic, bohemian side of SoHo and Greenwich Village, without having anything too crowded. The restaurant is a great spot for any date, after work drinks, or just a spot to get out of the cold for the while and have a great meal.