NYC Restaurants That Are All About Art

In New York City, dinner with a view doesn’t have to mean sweeping, sky-high vistas of the Manhattan cityscape. While some New Yorkers crave bright light views, others prefer art-filled eateries where they can stare at, say, a sculpture rather than a skyscraper. At these six luxe restaurants, diners can devour decadent dishes while also admiring impressive collections that line the walls. Because, let’s face it, an afternoon at any art museum can get pretty exhausting. Here’s where art connoisseurs should be eating in the city.



While modern Austrian fare deck the plates at this hotspot helmed by Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner, fine (and famous) art takes over the walls. The star of Wallse’s collection? Renowned American film producer and painter Julian Schnabel—who actually lives across the street from the resto and regularly pops by for a bite. A photograph of Andy Warhol by Dennis Hopper is also included in Gutenbrunner’s contemporary collection.


vandal 1

Add a pinch of culture to your dish at this inspiring eatery that specializes in global street eats, music, and murals. Situated in the Lower East Side, VANDAL’s menu is a reflection of both Chef Chris Santos’ travels and his knack for multi-ethnic small plates. The restaurant is home to a number of unique sculptures and, most notably, colorful murals. At this inventive resto, there’s no such thing as a bad seat in the house.



Tucked away in a brownstone along Greenwich Village’s coveted West 9th Street, this private dining members club is not only a hub for celebs like Ellen Page, Idris Elba, and Julianne Moore, but it’s also the place for dedicated art lovers. The resto boasts a number of framed illustrations, a large bust of Alexander the Great, and other original pieces donated by members.



At this mod getaway in Central Park South, a one-of-a-kind light art sculpture over the bar offers a new type of drinking experience. Created by Random International, Bevy’s prized “Swarm Study XI” is comprised of 20,000 independently thinking nodes that act together as one moving light. Wood-paneled walls, ombre rugs, and backlit mirrors add to the restaurant’s overall elegant and artsy vibes.

Trattoria Dell’Arte

trattoria dell'arte

As its name decidedly implies, this Italian eatery is all about art. In fact, Trattoria Dell’Arte was specifically designed to mimic the look and feel of an artist’s studio. Monumental sculptures, drawings, and a gallery of famous Italian noses are just a few types of works hungry art aficionados will find. The two-story restaurant also caters to music lovers—as it’s conveniently located right next to Carnegie Hall.

Casa Lever

casa lever

A Midtown Milanese restaurant with an impressive collection of modern art, Casa Lever lets guests nosh on classic Italian fare while they awe over Andy Warhol’s. The restaurant’s white, curved walls are lined with the iconic artist’s silk-screen portraits, including images of Judy Garland, Ernesto Esposito, and Douglas Cramer. If you’re all in for a luxe evening out, opt for their truffle menu and a table in the center of the dining room.