Freed’s Bakery Creates The Most Outrageous Cakes In Las Vegas

Freed’s Bakery Creates The Most Outrageous Cakes In Las Vegas Food Network Vegas Cakes Haute Living Tita CarraPhoto Credit: Tita Carra

Currently enjoying this cake by Freed’s Bakery with champagne, by the way.

Freed’s Bakery has probably the most creative team creating the most outrageous cakes in Las Vegas, and their work is now being aired on the new Food Network series Vegas Cakes.

I went downstairs, into the kitchen and opened the fridge to get my gross green juice because immune system or whatever, and there it was: a white cake box. And I thought, “don’t secret admirers just send you something, not break into your house and leave a cake in your fridge?”

Sadly, but thankfully, I have no creepy admirer willing to go to jail for breaking and entering into my home to profess their undying love for me.

Turns out Freed’s Bakery was in a giving mood and by way of Kirvin Doak and my assistant, who dropped it off and placed it in my fridge, is how this delicious blue cake made its way inside my house…and my stomach.

Freed’s Bakery Creates The Most Outrageous Cakes In Las Vegas haute living tita carra food network vegas cakesPhoto Credit: Food Network

The Las Vegas bakery has been around since 1959 and third generation owner, Max Freed, is at the forefront of the exciting contemporary phase of Freed’s Bakery as the Food Network’s newest show.

“Wth our sweet creations, we’re thrilled to showcase the excitement, energy and unique facets that make Las Vegas great in Vegas Cakes,” said Freed.

Freed’s Bakery is open Monday-Saturday from 8AM until 8PM and Sundays from 9AM until 6PM  located at 9815 South Eastern Avenue in case you want to try their traditional Red Velvet cake filled with their signature cream cheese icing and iced with true European buttercream.

Freed’s, feel free to send me cake scraps. KThankssss.