The Five Restaurants With The Best Chips And Guac In The City

For all those craving warm weather vibes as the temperature starts to drop in New York, sitting back with a margarita in one hand and a chip full of green goodness in the other is the best way to think back to summer-mode. Finding a good chips and guac place can be a daunting task—finding the right balance of chip-crispiness, guac that doesn’t feel to runny or, god forbid, brown. Here are some of our go-to outposts for the best snack in the world.



This Mexican eatery is a great blend of date-night chic and come-as-you-are casual. Each item on their menu is a knock out with a bold punch of flavor, though their guacamole can’t be beat with the perfect balance of structure and heft to the guac and strength of the chip to hold it up out of the bowl.

Location: 668 10th Avenue & 301 Church St.


Dos Caminos


Look out for the 9 to 5’ers extending their lunch breaks with the tacos, these locations also offer some of the best chips and guacamole in the city. Perfectly salted chips, cupping up guac that feels light, creamy, with just enough structure to hold up to the chips, is a great way to get out of the office for a bit.

Location: Multiple Locations


20110405-150553-fonda nolita-interior.jpg

With two locations on the east and west side, Tacombi is full of great tacos, amazing cocktails, and great guacamole built to share. This is a great spot to come with friends and share a pitcher of sangria over a big pile of chips and dip.

Location: Multiple Locations

Ghost Donkey


This cocktail bar glows with a red hue off Bleecker Street at nights, with paper lights lining the ceiling and tequila and mescal cocktails pouring all night long from their team of bartenders. To compliment the cocktail menu, the restaurant offers a range of special nacho plates, with a series of unique twists on guacamole with plenty of spicy punch to each one.

Location: 4 Bleecker Street

La Esquina


This corner restaurant in Nolita has become a hotspot of the neighborhood, both for their signature Guacamole De La Esquina, and for the hidden speakeasy beneath the restaurant. While the line for the bar below has the potential to wrap around the block, the line for chips and guac moves quick with their speedy staff. The combo makes for the perfect preamble to a night in the subterranean speakeasy.

Location: Multiple Locations