Check Out Lakes Distillery’s Liquor-Filled Ornaments

When it comes to decorating or getting gifts for the holidays, it can get a little boring finding unique gifts. That is where Lakes Distillery comes in with their liquor-filled ornaments.

This is something your coworkers or family members won’t have already on their trees for decoration. Lakes Distillery is a UK-based distillery founded by Paul Currie, who also co-founded Arran Distillery. The production of these liquor baubles is overseen by one of Scotland’s whiskey experts, Alan Rutherford, who is the former production director at Diago and council member of the Scottish Whisky Association.

With these great makers and experts behind this distillery, you can trust that these ornaments will not only provide beautiful decoration, but a great tasting beverage during and after those holiday parties. You can get them in a six-pack or just order one. Some of the great flavors are salted caramel vodka and gin flavored with cinnamon and raspberry.

They’re available only online so hurry and put that order in so you can be the coolest person at the office holiday party.