Carolyn Aronson, CEO At It’s A 10, Wants To Celebrate Your Hair With National Love Your Hair Day

Carolyn Aronson Office Shot

It’s a 10 Haircare is coining October 10th as National Love Your Hair Day, the day for each and every person to stop fussing about their hair problems and embrace their locks as a unique, diverse form of self-expression.

It’s safe to say that most everyone has struggled with hair issues at some point in their life, I mean we always want what we can’t have right? But with National Love Your Hair Day, we are casting those feelings aside and embracing the hair we were born with and learning about great products to help enhance our natural beauty.

Carolyn Aronson’s journey to become Founder, CEO and Owner of It’s A 10 Haircare is an interesting and eye opening story, 

Carolyn was adopted at age 2 and raised in Michigan. When she was 22 she found out she was Puerto Rican and was exposed to a whole new culture. At 26, she sought after her birth family and found them. Beginning her career with 20+ years as a hair stylist and salon owner, the self-made entrepreneur, philanthropist, and mother of four now leads one of the only female-owned professional hair care brands in the world and recently announced full ownership of the company after buying out her male partner.


In life and business, Carolyn’s motive is giving back to the community. She created Kyana’s Dream Foundation in her daughter’s honor which is focused on providing emergency response for children in schools, supports several advocacy programs, helps develop green spaces, recently converting her South Florida home into a Silver LEED certified structure (a first of its kind), and she made history this year as her company became the first indie-owned hair care brand to run a national Super Bowl ad which won several accolades for its diversity-positive message.

To top it off – It’s a 10 is centered in Coral Springs, FL, and just as Irma was hitting, she decided to give away their #1 product free to anyone who signed up for their Miss America Campaign as the Official Hair Care Sponsor of the competition.

Because of the devastating hurricanes and news of the DACA repeal, Carolyn wanted to promote positivity across the country. She kept the contest entry open long past the airing of the competition so that those affected by hurricanes could sign up – while it may seem like a small gesture the brand ended up giving away over 100,000 products while also evacuating their families and entire business from the storm.

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We were fortunate enough to speak with Carolyn and get her insight on the creation of National Love Your Hair Day, her business, and embracing your hair.

What was your inspiration/motivation behind creating National Love Your Hair Day?

Every woman and man’s hair is their crown. So why not have a day devoted to what people invest so much time, effort and money into? It’s a way for people to truly express themselves – that creativity and diversity is what true beauty is all about. Denoting a day of loving this process is long overdue!

What advice would you give someone who is struggling to embrace their natural hair?

I know the struggle is real! My advice is to make sure you use the best products. Moisture, moisture, moisture is the answer! Our Miracle Potion 10 Repair Collection and our newest Miracle Defrizzing Collection will both make a world of difference. These particular lines of shampoos, hair masks and styling aids are designed and formulated for natural hair types. Trust me, they will manage the unmanageable!

What are your personal favorite It’s a 10 Haircare products?

Wow! That’s a tough question. I’m always switching them up and layering them depending on how I am wearing my hair. I must say the Miracle Leave-in Product, that comes in 6 different varieties, is always the third step to my daily routine. My go-to hair regimen is our Miracle Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, then I spritz Miracle Leave-in Product on before brushing it out – together this prepares my hair for any style that day.

To learn more about this much needed holiday, check out the link here.