Don’t Miss Taste Of Iceland This Weekend


Culinary creative rejoice! Iceland has recently exploded across social media as the place to be for anyone with an Instagram account to take in everything from spas to hikes to really incredible food. Now, Taste of Iceland has brought some of the best Icelandic treats to Brooklyn for those who want to explore the food scene of the region without having to deal with airlines.

The tour across the country is building camp in Norman, the chicest restaurant in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood right now. The tour features a menu created by award winning Chef Viktor Örn Andrésson in collaboration with Chef Andrew Whitcomb. By pairing Iceland’s uniquely authentic ingredients with some of the more contemporary culinary tactics and methods, the pop-up menu is a crisp, flavorful delight that is an absolute must-try before the tour moves on this Sunday.

TOI Chicago 2017 _ Credit Taylor Banasik (31)

The courses range from simple raw oysters on the half shell, paired with Gravenstien Apples and licorice oil for a fruit-forward burst of flavor in the brine, to Arctic Char slowly cooked with dill, green apples, roe, and Icelandic buttermilk. There are also unique desserts to Iceland like the nations classic Skyr, paired with wild blueberries, or Sun Choke ice cream made with hazelnut milk and toffee.

An added punch up to this already impressive menu is the Reyka Vodka and Brennivin cocktails to accompany the menu. The cocktail program boasts a number of different drinks suitable to any palate and ready to pair to any number of the dishes available. It was created by Kari Sigurdsson, award winning mixologist from Iceland and the man behind one of the Reykjavik, the capital’s, best cocktail bars Apotek.

TOI Chicago 2017 _ Credit Taylor Banasik (20)

While the names of Iceland’s signature delights can often sound like names in an Ikea catalogue, each menu item is more delicious than the last and perfect for anybody from the most adventurous eaters to those looking to just dip their feet in. The Taste of Iceland tour is in town until October 1st, and is held at Norman, at 29 Norman Ave.

Chef Viktor Örn Andrésson