Preview Of The 2019 Audi A8

Audi is revising its flagship car, the A8, and as is common now in the world of luxurious full-size sedan’s this means the addition a lot of technological features.

One that will most likely be most appreciated by the driver is the new “traffic jam pilot.” Up to 37.3 mph, the A8 can drive autonomously, steering you through low-speed traffic without you having to do anything. In fact, if allowed by local laws, the A8 will even let the driver watch tv while doing so. Next to that, Audi also joins BMW, by offering an automated parking function on the A8.

Comfort is another main feature that is taken to new heights. With the optional “relaxation” seat the right rear position becomes part spa, part executive office. A separate operating unit allows for making private phone calls while at the same time your feet can be warmed and massaged. This of course in addition to the massage and air conditioning features of the seat itself.

In terms of design the departure from the previous model is not dramatic, yet still distinctly noticeable. The large grill, actually wider than the current generation, still dominates the front, yet is now flanked by HD Matrix LED headlights with laser technology for increased visibility. Lights are also the largest change at the back of the car, as Audi incorporated there a light bar that extends over the width of the A8. This seems to be a new trend with larger sedan’s as Lincoln did the same with the Continental.

Audi will offer the A8 with a wide variety of options ranging from a 3.0-liter turbo V6 to the 6.0-liter W12, which will be available on the A8 L, the longer version of this Audi. Additionally, all these engines will feature “hybrid technology” as well. A 48-volt electrical system allows the car to enter a coasting mode when driving a constant speed, in which the engine will be shut off for up to 40 seconds. This will reduce fuel consumption. Also, the suspension is upgraded to a full active suspension system that will also feature dynamic all-wheel steering.

The new Audi A8 will be first introduced in Germany this fall and expected to come into the States in the Spring of 2018.