Where to Sip on Miami’s Most Crafty Martinis

In honor of the recent National Martini Day, we decided to take a look at some of our favorite concoctions in the city. Here, we’ve rounded up the best martinis to sip on in Miami, from your classic martini to some more inventive takes on the classic cocktail at local hot spots. Here’s a look at where we celebrated the holiday in style:


MR CHOW Lychee Martini

What to order: Lychee Martini

Why it’s our favorite: The iconic hot spot located at the swanky W South Beach has the best version of the ever-popular Lychee Martini in the city. The light and simple cocktail can be ordered at the bar or from the table paired with two fresh lychees that you can eat when you’re finished. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the flavorful Chinese cuisine that the spot offers and it’s also the ultimate cocktail to start your night before you head next door to WALL—it’s so good, you may not realize how many of these you’ve thrown back throughout the course of dinner.


La Petite Maison Tomatini by Michael Pisarri-2Photo Credit: Michael Pisarri

What to order: Tomatini Martini

Why it’s our favorite: This savory cocktail at La Petite Maison is one of the most inventive around, composed of ingredients that may sound a bit surprising before you taste it for yourself—it’s made with Ketel One vodka, fresh tomatoes and white balsamic vinegar, seasoned with salt and pepper. While it may sound more like a meal than a cocktail, we promise the end result is truly spectacular and the perfect complement to the light, Mediterranean meal.


Cucumber Basil Martini1

What to order: Cucumber Basil Martini

Why it’s our favorite: For those that need a refreshing start to their night, Haute 100-lister Dave Grutman‘s hot spot  Komodo‘s Cucumber Basil Martini is the perfect choice, made with gin, lime juice and, of course, fresh basil and cucumber.


Chili passion fruit Martini jaya

What to order: Chili Passion Martini

Why it’s our favorite: This is not the average martini for all you martini aficionados but this sweet and spicy drink is sure to heat up your night. Ingredients include passion fruit rum, passion fruit puree, and chili-infused vodka with ginger syrup and chili flakes to top it off. It is a must-try for summertime in Miami.


White Cosmo_dbBistro_by M. HomPhoto Credit: M. Hom

What to order: White Cosmo Martini

Why it’s our favorite: This beautiful cocktail is the perfect drink to sip on before a night out in Miami’s chic downtown atmosphere. db Bistro’s White Cosmo Martini features vodka, white cranberry juice, lime and a gorgeous ice ball containing an edible orchid in the center.


Clean & Dirty Martini - The Bazaar by José Andrés at SLS South Beach

What to order: Clean & Dirty Martini

Why it’s our favorite: In typical José Andrés fashion, this tasty cocktail is a work of art, created using inventive methods combining mixology and physics. The Clean & Dirty Martini was devised as a way to enjoy this classic cocktail in both of it’s most popular forms simultaneously! The lower half is the “clean” half, the olive brine air and olive sphere make up the “dirty” martini.