First Lamborghini Centenario Roadster Delivered In The US

Lamborghini Beverly Hills had the honor of handing over the keys of the very first Centenario Roadster to its proud owner! While a Lamborghini is exclusive by any measure, the Centenario is even an exclusivity among them as only 20 coupes, and 20 roadsters will be made, as a tribute to the 100th birthyear of the brand’s founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini.LAMBORGHINI-8759-B

Sharp edges and intricate lines make the Centenario Roadster true eye-candy. Its chassis is a monocoque and crafted from carbon fiber, giving the car a dry weight of only 3.358 lb. Everything about the Centenario says that it is fast, even when it is parked. Its interior is functional, yet luxurious aimed to bring the driver into the “zone” and allow him/her to enjoy the car to the fullest.


The Centenario combines its exotic good looks with incredible performance. 0 – 60 mph will be done in 2.8 seconds, while even 0 – 186 mph (the famed 300 km/h barrier in Europe) will be reached in only 23.5 seconds. Top speed is set at 217 mph. Remarkable in today’s world of supercars is that the Centenario achieves this performance not with the use of turbo’s or a hybrid drive train, but thanks to a 6.5 litre naturally aspired V12. It delivers 770 HP and 690 Nm, and that is something of which Ferruccio would indeed be very proud!


Fortunately, it is not only straight line performance that was Lamborghini’s goal. The Centenario was created to tackle roads, any roads, from high speeds on closed circuits to curving mountain roads. True drivers know that you are only as fast as your brakes, and that is why the Centenario can come from 60 mph to a full stop in under 100 feet. Agility is ensured not only by the low weight and high power ratio of the car but also because it combines four-wheel drive with a rear-wheel steering system.


So while the Centenario Roadster is a tribute to Ferruccio Lamborghini, as well as a driving object of art, it is most of all a car that is meant to be driven, this can be fast or furious, but most of all with a big smile on your face, granted of course that you are one of the lucky owners that was able to order one of the 20 Centenario Roadsters!