Haute Residence’s 2017 NYC Luxury Real Estate Summit Recap: ‘NYC Titans of Business’

Haute Residence hosted its 2017 Luxury Real Estate Summit at New York City’s CORE: Club, on April 28, when the biggest names in the industry discussed what’s next for the New York City and South Florida homebuyers.

real estate summit
Don Peebles, Billy Macklowe, Mitchell Moinian, Michael Stern, Elie Hirschfeld, Bruce Eichner

The summit featured three panels: the NYC Titans of Business, Florida Titans of Business, and Power Brokers––moderated by Peter Grant of The Wall Street Journal, and Jennifer Gould Keil of the New York Post.

real estate summit
Moderator Peter Grant of The Wall Street Journal

Kicking off the event, the NYC Titans of Business featured Bruce Eichner, Elie Hirschfeld, Billy Macklowe, Mitchell Moinian, Don Peebles, and Michael Stern. The developers were asked to first highlight one of their current, or most recent, projects, and what sets that project apart from others in the area. Later, they focused on from where major capital has been coming in recent years, as well as the target markets for investors.

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Images courtesy of Jason Malihan