When You Talk With Your Hands, Don’t Let Them Tell On You. Advice from Dr. Zein Obagi

Holiday season, it’s full of family, food and cheerful toasts to health and happiness. Eat drink and be merry for we shall never come together so young again. Do all that of course, but there is no reason we can’t come together looking or feeling younger! Fall is a fabulous time to get back into your workout routine. Feeling fit will put a spring back in your step. It’s also a time to eat well without the temptations of summer bar-b-que indulges or vacation splurges. You’ve been fighting facial fine lines and wrinkles with a full arsenal from skincare to injectables to peels, and you’re holding the battle lines there. Then as you raise your glass to make that toast, there they are, the sun spots, the crepy skin, the volume loss on the back of your hands, all those tattletale signs of age that just may give your secret away. Hands tell a lot about you; all hands age and not necessarily well. Dr. Obagi has some “ahem”, handy tips to address aging hands.

To start, simply extend your daily face regimen to your hands. Include weekly exfoliation and daily lightening and bleaching products in the mix. Brightamax™ and other skin bleaching creams in the ZO® Medial Products by Zein Obagi MD line, are perfect for both hands and face. For products formulated specifically for hands, reach for Oraser® Correcting Hand and Body Scrub from ZO® Skin Health by Zein Obagi MD and use as a weekly exfoliator. Using salicylic acid and sugar crystals, this dual chemical and mechanical exfoliating system leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Oraser® Nourishing Hand Crème helps reduce the signs of aging of the hands with retinol, skin brighteners and enzymatic skin resurfacers. Don’t forget to move on up to your arms and take care of trouble spots there at the same time.

When something more aggressive is warranted, the next steps can include peels and lasers. Chemical peels target tone and texture of the skin surface. IPL, a light-based therapy treatment, and fractional laser treatment penetrate deeper into the skin and affect such issues as broken capillaries, wrinkles and brown spots. Your medical professional can suggest a series for the number, type and depth of treatments that will give you the best result.

Clear, firm, glowing skin on the back of your hands and arms will go a long way to restoring your youthful appearance. With time however, there still may be volume loss in the back of your hands, which may emphasize the appearance of veins. Injectables including Radiesse are FDA approved to fill concave cavities, camouflage veins, and rejuvenate hands. Like peels and lasers, these are administered by medically trained professionals. Stop by any ZO Skin Centre® by Zein Obagi MD, to understand your options for treating the signs of aging on your hands. All medical professionals at ZO Skin Centre® are trained in Dr. Obagi’s revolutionary approach to skin care.

Of course prevention is the best medicine. Always apply sunscreen to your hands when you apply it to your face. Remember that we wash our hands often throughout the day so throw a travel size sunscreen in your bag or purse and reapply frequently especially before going outside. Better yet, put on a pair of gloves to give your hands the best winter (and manicure) protection. Don’t let your hands tell on you and make beautiful holiday toasts this season.