Dior Chooses Los Angeles as Sole City for Haute Lady Art Pop-Up



Dior is bringing something special to Los Angeles this December in the form of its Lady Art artist collaboration.

The French luxury brand has chosen the City of Angels as its only pop-up location (proof in the pudding that L.A. is finally a fashion contender) to showcase the project: a collaboration with seven different British and American artists including Jason Martin, Ian Davenport, Mat Collishaw, Matthew Porter, Daniel Gordon, Chris Martin and Marc Quinn, on unique, one-off designs of the iconic Lady Dior bag, as well as a selection of small accessories.


A bit about the bag: for those unfamiliar, it’s seriously made for a true lady. With its architectural design, metallic charms spelling out the name “Dior” and cannage motif inspired by the Napoleon III chairs on which Christian Dior seated the guests at his shows, the bag has been a fan favorite since it was released in 1995. Initially known as “Chouchou” (“Favorite”), it was given the name Lady Dior two years later as a tribute to Princess Diana, who fell in love with it during a visit to Paris. As soon as it hit the boutiques, Lady Dior was a runaway success. Today the bag is personified by the beautiful and talented Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard, the face of Lady Dior since 2008.


In celebration of the collaborations, Dior will open a special, free-standing pop-up boutique which will be open from December through the end of March 2017. And here’s something that makes this pop-up even more special, and way more unique: the bags will only be available right here in L.A. during that time and will not be available in any other boutiques nationwide. There will be, however, a two-week installation of the bags at the brand’s Miami boutique during this year’s Art Basel art fair.


The Dior Lady Art artist bags range in price from $4,900 to $11,500. Dior is located at 309 N Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills

All images courtesy of Dior