Haute Secrets of Miami from the HBO ‘Ballers’ Cast


Photo Credit: Dorothy Hong / Team Epiphany

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at the Ballers Season 2 Premiere Red Carpet
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at the Ballers Red Carpet Season 2 Premiere

Photo Credit: Dorothy Hong / Team Epiphany

Interviews by: Emily Wilson & Paige Mastrandrea

As the HBO hit series debuted with its red carpet premiere in Miami at the New World Symphony, Haute Living got to catch up with some of the series’ favorite stars and find out what they love about Miami. We checked in with Donovan Carter (Vernon Littlefield), Jazmyn Simon (Julie Greane), John David Washington (Ricky Jerret), Omar Benson Miller (Charles Green) and Troy Garrity (Jason).

Here’s what they had to say:

HL: What’s your favorite part about filming in Miami?
Donovan Carter: The weather for sure. It’s so nice out here all the time. Also, the people here–the weather makes everyone always have good vibes, and that’s good with me.

Jazmyn Simon: The weather. But it’s a gift and a curse because it’s beautiful weather most of the time, but it will rain in a New York minute. That will really mess up your hairdo and your scene. But we love Miami anyway.

John David Washington: The food! It’s fantastic. I also found a great church here in Wynwood with Pastor Rick. It’s this new progressive way of thinking and preaching and it’s great.

Omar Benson Miller: You know, it’s just that it is such a fun and light show… there is so much heaviness going on in the world right now, so it is good to provide that escapism for people. I am happy to be a part of that and to be here because people see me and they smile and they laugh and that’s a big deal. Life is heavy right now all across the world.

Troy Garrity: The people. I just love the people. Everyone is electric. They are game and ready to go and enthusiastic. In New York or LA, people can be sort of jaded in entertainment. But here, people are so excited about helping finish this crazy process of making a TV show.


Omar Benson Miller at the Ballers Red Carpet Season 2 Premiere
Omar Benson Miller at the Ballers Red Carpet Season 2 Premiere

Photo Credit: Dorothy Hong / Team Epiphany

HL: Favorite spot in Miami?
Donovan Carter: Depends what kind of day it is. Definitely Prime 112 or Joe’s to eat and LIV on Sunday to go out.

Jazmyn Simon: The W. But since I’m only here for 24 hours, I had to make sure to hit up Joe’s last night before we left.

John David Washington: La Mexicana Cantina & Grill in Brickell. Best tacos in the game! You’ve got to try the carne asada tacos.

Omar Benson Miller: There is a Peruvian hole in the wall that is amazing called Pollos y Jarra, Chicken and Jars. I love Prime 112 for the incredible atmosphere. I also like the acai bowls from Pura Vida. And there is a new French restaurant in Brickell, Marion, that is great.

Troy Garrity: I think Miami is underrated in the food department. The food in this city is extraordinary. I usually put on about 20 pounds from the beginning of the season to the end of the season being here. I love Mignonette in Downtown. Beachcraft is delicious. I also love Prime 112, of course, and they have a great brunch at Prime Fish. Pao at the Faena is also a new good one.

Jazmyn Simon at the Ballers Red Carpet Season 2 Premiere
Jazmyn Simon at the Ballers Red Carpet Season 2 Premiere
Troy Garrity, London Brown and Donovan Carter
Troy Garrity, London Brown and Donovan Carter

HL: How would you describe Miami in one word?
Donovan Carter: Shenanigans.

Jazmyn Simon: Wild.

John David Washington: Hot.

Omar Benson Miller: Extravagant.

Troy Garrity: Sexy.