Blue Is About To Be The New Rosé In The UK This Summer


Your traditional wine list is about to get a whole new category. While vintners may oppose the idea of this bright new shade, it has been making waves amongst consumers. Enter Gïk, the Spanish entrepreneurs behind the world’s first blue wine who are bringing something new to a traditionally close-minded industry. While they have certainly created something entirely new, much like all the best wines, Gïk’s grapes comes from Spanish and French vineyards. These grapes are then transformed using innovative food technologies to become the indigo blue you’re about to see everywhere this summer.

Gïk is produced through a very unique pigmentation process. The initial base is created from a combination of both red and white grapes, but is then mixed with two organic pigments known as indigo and anthocyanin. These pigments actually come from the skin of the grapes. The color isn’t the only radical deviation from traditional wines that Gïk decided to take, what they have created is also sweeter and easier to drink. And when we say sweeter, we don’t mean added sugars. Gïk is entirely free of added sugars and only uses non-caloric sweetners. This boozy blue boasts a 11’5% alcohol volume.

“Drinking Gik is not just about drinking blue wine, you are drinking innovation,” reads the press release. “You are drinking creation. You are breaking the rules and creating your own ones. You are reinventing traditions.”

In the next couple of months, the Spanish brand will expand retail sales to France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany. We can also expect blue wine in the U.S. shortly after. We say why not reinvent your summer with a new colorful drink.